First underwater hotel in Maldives with wine tasting.

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March 15, 2019 (Fri)

Dubai & Maldives-Under-the-sea where 20,000 bottles of wine and up to 1,400 labels expertly preserved! - View full itinerary, below
Abu Dhabi
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Cost: $4784.30 Per Person

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Where you will dine under the Arabian stars and feast on an authentic culinary experience amidst  an African Safari reserve. While the brail is fired up and the air is filled with the smell of delicious carved meats you will hear the calls of the wild emerge. As you remain in a protected area surrounded by a beautiful lit bonfire.

This once in a lifetime experience is paired with a hot-air ballon ride, where you will soar with an eagle during a eagle release in mid air. After you land become whisked off to a Royal camp via convoy to have a lavish breakfast.

The Glitz and Glamor of Dubai is Paired with the Maldives

Arrive in the Maldives by charted seaplane as you get the first look of The 1,192 islands in the Maldives strung across the Equator like a white pearl necklace, glittering in the vastness of the Indian Ocean.

 Walk down a spiral staircase and be seated at one of the 12 seats  located in the celler  beneath the lagoon where you enjoy a world-class tasting menu and a selection of fine wines from the cellar while being entertained by an exciting natural show of fish swimming around the magnificent surrounding coral reef.

 You will be guided by the head sommelier on an interactive journey, presented on personal video screens, through the old and new world wine regions. The skillfully matched menu changes with every reservation, allowing the executive chef to showcase the best seasonal ingredients available.

One of the evening’s highlights includes a blind tasting of three wines during the main course. Here you have the chance to present your opinions and showcase the wine knowledge acquired throughout the evening.



The first vintage of Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1995, is the rarest wine stocked at the resort.

  • Eben Sadie, from South Africa, is made in small batches, lending to its complexity and rarity.
  • Only 5% of the basket-pressed Rockford Shiraz, from the Barossa Valley, leaves Australia, with the resort being one of the lucky few stockists.


The wine collection celebrates the old world wines and traditional growers, but also champions wines that are slowly making waves among wine enthusiasts. Each year, 30% of the wine list is changed, to reflect the latest fashions.


“Fine wine is an important aspect of civilization, it transcends the boundaries of geography. Every bottle is a living time capsule reminding you of the tastes, history, culture and beliefs of that era…This is why we look at wine like we look at fine art.”


Head Sommelier, Rakesh Shetty.

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