Wine Down Friday

May 18, 2018 (Fri)
3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Buehler's Wooster Milltown
3540 Burbank Road
Wooster, OH 44691

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Mostly, New Wines…All Good.

Another Special Red: 

  • NEW VINTAGE-Sequoia Grove Napa Valley Cabernet (91 Rating)-A full bodied dry red that’s made up of Cabernet (84%), Merlot (7%), Cabernet Franc (6%), Malbec (2%) and Petite Verdot (1%). This Bordeaux style Cabernet opens with notes of red fruit and oak. Its’ finish is smooth, long and spicy. Easy to drink now but will continue to age for 10 years. $9.00 a glass. $5.00 a sample. $46.99 a bottle.

More Good Reds:

  • NEW-Borne of Fire Columbia Valley Cabernet (90 Rating)-A terrific value Washington Cabernet with flavors of cherry, currant, spice and pepper. It’s medium bodied, rich, soft and supple. Drink it now or wait up to 5 years. Excellent with beef, pork, red sauce pasta, brisket and garlic chicken wings. $4.50 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $19.99 a bottle. Save $7.00.

  • GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS-Angels and Cowboys Sonoma Red Blend (89 Rating)-Definitely, one of our most popular red blends. This smooth, dry wine contains Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Malbec. Aged in French oak, Angels and Cowboys contains noticeable layers of red fruit and spice. Since it’s 14.8% alcohol you should expect a full bodied wine that pairs well with grilled steak, barbecued beef, pizza and hard, full flavored cheeses. The bad news is, that after we sell our current stock, no more will be available…long story. $4.50 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $19.99 a bottle. Save $11.00.

  •  Boen “SLH” Pinot Noir- Don’t confuse the “SLH” with the Boen “Russian River.” It’s a completely different Pinot. It’s more full bodied (14.8%), fruit laden and very smooth. Looking for a big Pinot to drink with full-bodied foods? The new SLH is the answer. $6.00 a glass. $3.50 a sample. $26.99 a bottle. Save $9.00.

  • NEW-Decoy Zinfandel (90 Rating)-A good Zinfandel needn’t be expensive. This Decoy Zinfandel exhibits layers of blueberry, blackberry, spice and oak It’s medium bodied but plush in flavor. Ideal with pizza, grilled rib eye steak and sharp cheeses. This one will drink until 2023. $5.50 a glass. $3.00 a sample. $24.99 a bottle. Save $6.00.

  •  NEW-Fritz Windisch Dornfelder-An extremely popular, and hard to obtain, semi sweet German red. It’s soft with flavors of cherry, vanilla and chocolate. Once this wine goes out of stock, it can take almost a year to return. Drinks with pasta dishes and on its own. $3.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $15.99 a bottle.

Two More Reds:

  • NEW-Caymus Emmolo Napa Valley Merlot (90 Rating)-This is a big Merlot that drinks, somewhat, like a full-bodied Petite Sirah. It’s rich with a flavor profile of blackberry, vanilla, oak and a hint of boysenberry. The finish is dry and lengthy. Will need to be decanted. Pairs well with big steaks, stews, pizza, red sauce Italian meals and, even, chocolate mousse. $11.00 a glass. $5.00 a sample. $53.99 a bottle. Save $13.00.

  • NEW-Franciscan Napa Valley Cabernet (91 Rating)-A wine that needs to breathe before becoming an impressive Cabernet. It’s garnet in color with notes of blackberry, cherry and dark chocolate. This is a rich, full red with a finish that lingers. $4.50 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $19.99 a bottle. Save $14.00.


Six New Whites:

NEW AND THE WAIT IS OVER-2016 Rombauer Napa Chardonnay (92 Rating)-Rombauer has always been one of America’s finest whites and the new 2016 doesn’t disappoint. This is an amazingly smooth white that’s rich, creamy with a hint of vanilla scented oak followed by flavors of green apple, pear and melon. A must try. $9.00 a glass. $5.00 a sample. $40.99 a bottle.

  • NEW-Carne Humana Napa Valley White Blend-A very crisp, dry, complex white blend. Notes of pear, citrus and tropical fruit are followed by a long, bright, clean finish. Needs no food but will pair well with salads, fish, fruit and chicken dishes. $4.50 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $19.99 a bottle. Save $11.00.

  • NEW-Tellus Italian Chardonnay (90 Rating)-Many have never tried an Italian Chardonnay and that’s shame because Italian Chardonnays are considered, by many, to be the finest in the World. Tellus Chard is a good one to begin your Italian Chardonnay experience with. It’s aged in steel; meaning clean with no oak. Expect light citrus and apple flavors. Just a solid, medium bodied white. Excellent with salmon, salads and poultry. $4.00 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $14.99 a bottle. Save $6.00.

  • NEW-Mulderbosch South African Chenin Blanc (90 Rating)-A very refreshing wine that exhibits notes of apple, pineapple, mango followed by a subtle oak spice. A different and very enjoyable white. Great with white vegetarian pizza, white fish, mild sausage and game. $3.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $12.99 a bottle.

  • NEW-Fess Parker (87 Rating)-An off-dry Santa Barbara Riesling that shows tastes of orange, light honey, tangerine, lemon and lime. It ends with a hint of a sweetness finish. Drink by itself or with salads, fruit, Asian food, chicken and light fish dishes. $3.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $12.99 a bottle. Save $4.00.

  • NEW-Ruffino Orvietto Classico Italian White-A crisp, refreshing white with notes of creamy lemon. Its’ finish is both long an interesting with just a hint of almond. This wine pairs with a wide variety of foods from summer soups to grilled fish and mild cheeses…mozzarella is ideal. $3.00 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $9.99 a bottle. Save $6.00.