Wine Down Friday - All Good, Most New

March 9, 2018 (Fri)
3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Buehler's Wooster Milltown
3540 Burbank Road
Wooster, OH 44691

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All Good. Most New.


  • NEW-Sequoia Grove Napa Cabernet (93 Rating)-Another great vintage from this little known, but highly respected, Napa Valley vineyard. This is a smooth, full-bodied, dry red that’s full of blackberry flavor and finishes with a touch of red fruit. It’s 77% Cabernet, 9% Cabernet Franc, and 8% Merlot with traces of Malbec, Petite Verdot and Syrah. Perfect with grilled meats, pork tenderloin and heavy cheeses. $9.00 a glass. $4.00 a sample. $46.99 a bottle.  

  • NEW-Cloudline Willamette Valley Oregon Pinot Noir (92 Rating)-A lively Oregon Pinot with notes of fruit, nuts and chocolate. Its’ finish is long and medium bodied. Great with pork, lamb, ham and medium cheeses. $4.50 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $18.99 a bottle. Save $11.00.

  • NEW-Flora Springs Napa Valley Merlot (92 Rating)-A big Merlot from another very good, but little known, Napa vineyard. This is a full bodied Merlot with a myriad of flavors including black cherry, berries, cinnamon and vanilla. Its’ finish is rich, velvety and long. A great red sauce, big cheese and grilled meat red. $6.50 a glass. $3.50 a sample. $30.99 a bottle.  

  • NEW-McManis Petite Syrah (89 Rating)-Tried it the first day we added it. It’s truly, surprisingly good. An excellent, value priced, California Petite Syrah. It’s full-bodied and opens with flavors of blackberry and other dry, ripe fruit with a polished and well balanced texture. A great steak and full flavored cheese wine. $3.00 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $11.99 a bottle. Save $4.00.

  • Quilt Cabernet (90 Rating) –The new Quilt Cab is out and as good as ever. It’s rich, full, smooth and pairs perfectly with pork, ribs, steaks, duck and sausage. $8.00 a glass. $4.00 a sample. $39.99 a bottle. Save $21.00. SELLING BELOW NATIONAL AVERAGE.

  • NEW-Charles and Charles Red Blend (89 Rating)-This is a largely Cabernet (70%) plus Syrah blend. It’s rich, medium bodied with notes of vanilla and cocoa. Its’ finish is bold, long and supple. Good with medium bodied cheeses, pork, lamb and some grilled meats. $3.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $12.99 a bottle. Save $8.00.

  • NEW-Hess Lion Tamer Napa Valley Red Blend (92 Rating)-This wine is consistently rated in the low to mid 90s. A big, bold, smooth, dry red that’s contains Malbec (50%), Zinfandel (23%), Petite Sirah (11%) with smaller parts of Cabernet, Merlot and Petite Verdot. This wine has a multitude of flavors including black currant, plum, dark chocolate and ripe dark fruits. Its’ finish is long and crisp. An excellent wine for steaks, big stews heavy cheese and red pasta dishes. Needs to breathe. $8.00 a glass. $4.00 a sample. $39.99 a bottle. Save $20.00.

  • NEW-Ravenswood Dickerson Vineyard Zinfandel (91 Rating)-A full-bodied Zin with generous fruit flavors that include blackberry, strawberry and red currant. The result is a long, smooth finish. Try it with steaks, pizza, pasta and full-flavored cheeses. $6.00 a glass. $3.00 a sample. $28.99 a bottle. Save $18.00.   

  • NEW AND EVEN BETTER VINTAGE-Angels and Cowboys Red Blend- Still too new for a rating; this is a smooth, dry, underpriced six grape red blend. We have now sold 23 cases in less than a month. It’s big, smooth, and dry with a very long finish. It’s truly excellent. $5.00 a glass. $3.00 a sample, $19.99 a bottle. Save $11.00.

  • Whites: 

  • NEW-Frog’s Leap Napa Sauvignon Blanc (94 Rating)-Frog’s Leap produces several varietals but this is their most popular. This dry white has a depth of flavors not often found in a Sauvignon Blanc. You’ll taste a variety of citrus from lime to lemon and grapefruit. The finish is medium bodied, clean, fresh and lasting. Excellent with salads, rich fish, shell fish and, even, ceviche. If you lean towards dry whites, this one’s for you. $5.50 a glass. $3.00 a sample. $24.99 a bottle. Save $5.00. 

  • NEW-Chamasal Un oaked Chardonnay (90 Rating)-A fresh, smooth steel aged Chardonnay with flavors of ripe apple, key lime and nectarine. Its’ finish is fresh, smooth and easy. Perfect with light appetizers, fish, salads and light, white pasta dishes  Drink now. $4.50 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $19.99 a bottle. Save $16.00.

  • Rombauer Chardonnay (Three 92 Ratings)-The finest Chardonnay we sell. It’s very lightly oaked with a buttery texture and loads of well balanced fruit. It’s a big Chardonnay that drinks on its own and with full flavored dishes. $8.50 a glass. $4.00 a sample. $41.99 a bottle.

  • Chateau Graville Graves Blanc White Bordeaux (89 Rating)-A wonderfully, medium bodied smooth, dry white French Blend of Semillon (70%), Sauvignon Blanc (25%) and Moscato (5%). The Semillon adds a pleasant, creamy texture and Sauvignon Blanc adds to its body. Drink it on its own or with salads, fish and chicken dishes. $4.50 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $19.69 a sample. 

  • NEW-Cucina Mista Rosso Sweet Italian Red-A rare blend of Raboso And Merlot grapes produces a lightly carbonated, sweet wine with flavors of strawberries, cranberries and cherries. Ideal with dessert wine or with chocolate. $2.50 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $9.99 a bottle. Save $11.00.

  • NEW VINTAGE-Clear Night German Riesling (87 Rating)-Our most popular medium sweet Riesling. Clear Night is an easy drinking white with fresh apple and peach flavors. Enjoy. $3.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $12.99 a bottle. Save $3.00.