South Africa vs Australia: The Shiraz Challenge

February 21, 2018 (Wed)
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Faculty Club, University of Toronto
41 Willcocks St
Toronto, ON M5S 1C7

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Cost: $70

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Light Appetizers      Tasting (sit down)     Wine    

South African shiraz wines are pitted blind against Australian examples and guests are asked to choose their favourite. Will it be a bit of a wipeout for the Aussies? It will be up to a group of 60, with taste buds at the ready, to sip, sniff and slurp to discern their best-liked shiraz.

After a crisp, refreshing glass of white reception wine, one from each country, we will taste eight examples of shiraz, served blind and in random order, and rank our wines. Simple, right? Well, that is the idea. Each table will summarize its score sheets and then the table score sheets will be turned in so that we can create a room-ranking. Who will win? At this stage it’s anybody’s guess.

Will you prefer a wine full of dried fruit, candied peel and honey along with a lifted floral note to balance. Or, how about one with a touch of savoury flavour – dominating on the caramel, marmalade and toffee notes – but overall sweeter in style?

Both countries will field some truly excellent wines and the score could go either way. Simply looking at scores doesn’t show just how much analysis, conversation and interest these wines created among the attendees. The wines are the stars of the night and it will be interesting to listen to what everyone thought, how they argued for their favourites and eventually decided their choices. We can only hope that South Africa wins hands down – but Australia needn’t hang its head in shame.

To complete the evening a tasting plate will be served. Join us for what promises to be an enjoyable evening.