Mughalai Cuisine of India

February 27, 2018 (Tue)
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Boston Center for Adult Education
122 Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116

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Cost: $59.00 (Materials Fee: $20)

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The Afghan and Turkish armies from central Asia began making incursions from 1000 AD and established several Muslim kingdoms in Northern India. The Muslim emperors lived a very lavish and extravagant life style influenced by the Persians. They brought a rich cuisine of exotic spices and nuts and cream. They brought with them the clay ovens called Tandoor where the delicate breads and hearty meat dishes were prepared.

Indian cuisine of North India went through a transformation under the influence of Mogul cuisine, adapting and adopting the Mogul banquet of kababs and pulavs and biryanis. The presentation of food was of equal importance as the taste itself. To this day, the Mughalai cuisine remains ever popular throughout India. This class will be an introduction to this rich cuisine. Students will prepare vegetable Biryani, (basamati rice cooked with saffron, vegetables, two types of spice blends and yogurt), Hare Mirch ki Salan, (spicy curry of a variety of peppers in a creamy sauce), and vermicelli dessert with almonds and pistachio, a silky smooth pudding.