Authentication Training Level II

February 27, 2018 (Tue)
9:30 AM - 4:45 PM

The Wine Cellar at Wing Tip Club
550 Montgomery St, 10th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111

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Cost: Must be purchased with Wine Fraud & Counterfeiting Presentation +Level I Training

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Wine Authentication Training Level II: This in-depth, all-day session serves serious wine collectors, those who should authenticate wine as part of their jobs, and those who seek to become professional authenticators. We introduce a significant amount of new and more complex subject matter beyond that covered in Level I Training, including in-depth insights into how counterfeiters make their bottles—from false ageing to sales dupes. We show you how we root out the fakes, the fakers themselves, and their sales channels. We spend a considerable portion of the day using trade tools for the hands-on comparison of known counterfeits (from our extensive collection of fakes) with authentic examples, as well as workshopping with bottles brought by attendees. We analyze current anti-fraud efforts and teach what to look for in assessing the most highly counterfeited wines of the last two decades—with a particular focus on the current anti-fraud measures employed by the most sought-after producers. Participants gain a more thorough understanding of the authentication process and can start on the path to becoming TCM® Certified Authenticators. We encourage attendees to bring an additional two to three bottles of their own to inspect and use in the hands-on workshopping.

Level II take-home toolkits build on those handed out in Level I, with even more sophisticated and handy gadgets. Lunch is provided.

Wine Fraud and Counterfeiting Presentation and Level I training attendance are a prerequisite for Level II training. Attendee work history and two professional references are required; we reserve the right to refuse admission.

Level II training attendance is strictly limited.