Holiday Wine Down Friday

December 8, 2017 (Fri)
3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Buehler's Wooster Milltown
3540 Burbank Road
Wooster, OH 44691

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Enjoy our Holiday Wine Down Fridays - with information on food pairings for you perfect seasonal parties and dinners! Expanded hours 3-9 PM including additional tastings on Thursdays and Saturdays, 3-9 PM, and Sunday, 3-8 PM. Try a glass, buy a bottle or a case - 10% off 6 bottles ore more (750 ml or 1.5 ltr, mix or match)!


  • Eroica Off Dry Riesling -The perfect holiday white. Eroica opens with a noticeable apple flavor followed by pear, lime and citrus. $4.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $21.99 a bottle. Save $5.00. Perfect with traditional turkey, ham and Asian dinners. Buy for the entire holiday season.

  • Loosen Blue Slate Riesling -A sweeter Riesling with citrus and peach flavors and a smooth finish. Drinks well until 2020. $4.00 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $20.99 a bottle. Pairs well with turkey, ham and Indian food.

  • Pierre Sparr Gewurztraminer-Opens with a light sweetness followed by a full-bodied spice finish. $4.00 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $19.99 a bottle. Idea with Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey, ham, Indian and Asian dishes.

  • La Cote Blanche Un Oaked French Chardonnay-A crisp, smooth, fruit laden, dry white. By far our best selling un oaked Chardonnay. $2.50 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $11.99 a bottle. Save $6.00. Great with ham, white meat turkey and chicken meals.

  • Chateau Ste.Michelle Harvest Select Riesling -An easy to drink sweet Riesling with flavors of honeysuckle and peach. $2.00 a glass. $1.00 a sample. $7.99 a bottle. Save $3.00. Try this Riesling with duck, pork and Indian dishes.

  • Chateau Graville White Graves Bordeaux-A wonderful French white blend of Semillon (70%) Sauvignon Blanc (25%) and Moscato (5%). This dry white is smooth and easy to drink. $4.00 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $19.69 a bottle. Works with turkey, lamb and chicken meals.

  • Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier White Blend -A medium bodied, smooth white with notes of honeysuckle and tropical fruit. It ends with a long finish. Drink now. $3.00 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $12.99 a bottle. Save $5.00. Ideal for Christmas Turkey dinners as well as seafood and fish. 

  • Duckhorn Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc -A smooth, creamy white that’s 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Semillon. It has a long finish with notes of lemon and melon. $5.50 a glass. $3.00 a sample. $25.99 a bottle. Save $14.00. Perfect with white meat turkey and lamb. Drinks very well on its own.

  • Rombauer Napa Valley Chardonnay -Probably our finest American Chardonnay. It’s big and exhibits light oak, a buttery texture and loads of fruit flavors including tropical, apple, citrus, peach plus vanilla and light spice. Its finish lasts forever. $7.50 a glass. $4.00 a sample. $40.99 a bottle. Drinks incredibly well on its own and pairs with glazed ham, heavy fish dishes, pork roasts and full-flavor turkey. This wine is full-bodied and pairs very well with any “heavy” holiday meal.

  • Austerity Chardonnay-An excellent, value priced, lightly oaked Chardonnay with flavors of tropical fruits and pineapple. Its finish is velvety, rich and buttery. $3.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $14.99 a bottle. Save $6.00. Want a great value Chardonnay that pairs with pork roasts, white meat turkey and chicken? This is the one.

  • Maso Canali Pinot Grigio-An Italian Pinot Grigio with a touch of Chardonnay added that provides added texture and body. The result is a full-flavored, dry white with notes of nectarine, citrus and a long finish. $4.00 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $18.99 a bottle. Save $8.00. Pairs well with white meat turkey, chicken, light fish and light Italian white or clear sauce dishes.
  • La Marca Prosecco-No holiday wine list should be without a good Prosecco. This versatile, lightly sparkling white is fresh, clean with flavors of citrus, lemon, green apple and grapefruit. $4.00 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $15.99 a bottle. Save $12.00.  Will pair with Italian white and clear sauce dishes, chicken and white meat turkey.

  • Alamos Torrontes (89 Rating)-A crisp, bright and fruity white with apple and lime flavors. Drinks bigger than you’d expect for a Torrontes. $2.25 a glass. $1.25 a sample. $9.99 a bottle. Save $11.00. Goes well with glazed ham and Asian foods.


  • Elouan Oregon Pinot Noir -This year’s Elouan is richer and more full-bodied than you’d expect from an Oregon Pinot. It opens with red plum, cherry and cranberry flavors and ends with a crisp, layered finish. $4.00 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $19.99 a bottle. Save $14.00. The perfect red for Christmas Turkey meals, ham, duck, lamb and chicken dishes. Another one to buy for the entire holiday season.  

  • Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau -This wine is only produced for the holiday season and has an average shelf life of seven months. It’s fresh, lightly fruited and flavorful. Expect a medium, delicious finish. Best served lightly chilled. $3.00 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $12.99 a bottle. Save $3.00. Produced to work with turkey and light ham dishes. Add this to the list of entire holiday season wines.

  • Boen Russian River Pinot Noir -An exceptional, full-bodied Pinot from Joseph Wagner’s Copper Cane Vineyards. It’s rich, plush with flavors of dark berry, oak and vanilla. It ends with a long memorable finish. Drink now. $5.50 a glass. $3.00 a sample. $26.99 a bottle. Save $14.00. This Pinot needs no food to enjoy but it pairs well with steak, duck and glazed ham.

  • Jadot Macon Village Beaujolais-Expect red berry, spice and a rich texture from this medium dry red. It’s ready to drink now. $3.00 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $12.99 a bottle. Save $5.00. Yet another entire holiday season wine. It pairs with turkey, ham, duck and lamb.

  • Old Ghost Zinfandel -This is the finest Zinfandel that we sell. It’s big and amazingly smooth with flavors of blueberry, dark chocolate and a long, full-bodied finish. $8.00 a glass. $4.00 a sample. $40.99 a bottle. While this wine needn’t be saved for the holidays; it goes well with heavy duck dishes, steaks, hearty stews and pork tenderloin. 

  •  Cline Cashmere Red Blend -Its flavors include cola and cherry in this three grape red blend of Mourvedre, Grenache and Syrah. It finishes with just a touch of smooth sweetness. $3.00 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $12.99 a bottle. Save $9.00. An ideal lighter red for turkey, duck and lamb.

  • Quilt Napa Valley Cabernet -If there was ever a wine deserving of a higher than 90 ratings, it’s Quilt. This is an exceptional Cabernet. It’s ever so smooth with notes of ripe berry and oak. Followed by a long rich finish. $8.50 a glass. $4.00 a sample. $39.99 a bottle. Save $10.00. Pairs with steak, hearty stews, duck and Italian red sauce dishes.

  • Tortoise Creek Zinfandel-Another excellent value wine and a wine that will work with a variety of meals. It exhibits layered notes of blackberry, cherry and spice. This is a very interesting Zinfandel. $3.00 a glass, $1.50 a sample. $11.99 a bottle. Save $6.00. Since it’s a medium bodied red, it will pair with many holiday meals including Turkey, duck and Italian red sauce dishes. 

  • Chelsea Goldschmidt Alexander Valley Merlot-Drinking this Merlot has been described as “a powerful experience.” It contains a broad range of flavors from plum and cherry to cedar and oak. $4.00 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $19.99 a bottle. Save $6.00. Drink this one with steaks, heavy stews and heavy duck meals.

  • Estancia Merlot-A lighter style Merlot that’s a blend of Merlot (86%), Syrah (7%) and Petite Sirah (7%). This blend leads to an excellent textured, medium bodied, yet supple and concentrated fruit flavored wine. $2.50 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $9.99 a bottle. Save $7.00. Another wine, due to its medium body, that pairs with many different holiday meals. Drink it with turkey, lighter duck meals, lamb and Italian red sauce dishes

  •    Stag’s Leap Napa Valley Petite Sirah-Consistently, one of the world’s highest rated Petite Sirahs. A full-bodied and smooth dry red with distinctive notes of spice, blackberry and blueberries with a very long finish. Only one word describes this wine; “Superb.” UNFORTUNATELY, THIS WAS ONE OF THE HARDEST HIT FIRES DAMAGED VINEYARD AND WE HAVE PURCHASED ALL THAT WAS AVAILABLE FROM ITS DISTRIBUTOR. BUY WHILE IT’S STILL AVAILABLE. $7.50 a glass. $4.00 a sample. $36.99 a bottle. Save $13.00. The perfect with steak, heavy meat stews, pork tenderloin and rib roasts. 

  •    Banfi Riserva Classico Chianti-It contains notes of cherry, cinnamon and spice with hints of espresso. It’s soft and smooth with the highest Italian Wine Federation rating, DOCG, and it’s a Riserva Classico for a regular Chianti price…a great value. $4.00 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $18.99 a bottle. Save $4.00. An Italian red sauce or pork roasts wine.

  •    Klinker Brick  Syrah -A bold, full-bodied Syrah with notes of rich blackberry and similar fruits. The wine has a longer finish that most American Syrahs. $4.50 a glass. $2.50 a sample. $20.99 a bottle. Made for rib roasts, pork tenderloin and barbeques.  

Dessert Wines: 

  • Terra d’Oro Zinfandel Port -Dazzlingly rich and sweet with waves of blackberry jam, cassis and dark chocolate. A perfect wine with dark chocolate; and reasonably priced. $4.50 for a three ounce glass. $21.99 a bottle. Save $19.99.

  • Ca Montebello Moscato-A sweet, sparkling Moscato with heavy notes of apricot and peach. It’s the ideal wine with after dinner holiday pastries. $3.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $14.99 a bottle. Save $6.00. 


  • Bieler Pere et Fils Rose-A rich, dry Rose with distinctive notes of citrus, wild berry and cherry. $3.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $12.99 a bottle. Save $6.00. Great before and after dinner wine. Goes well with fruit.

  • Mulderbosch Rose -A Cabernet based, South African Rose that exhibits notes of plum, cherry, strawberry and currant. Its finish, for a Rose, is longer than most. $3.00 a glass. $1.50 a sample. $10.99 a bottle.  Also good before dinner and as a dessert wine. 

Sparkling Wines: 

  • Veuve Cliquot Brut French Champagne -One of the best. It’s sparkling,  medium dry with notes of fruit and cream. It’s Chardonnay based; making it an almost perfectly balanced wine. $14.00 a glass. $7.00 a sample. $66.99 a bottle. Save $4.00. Ideal pre-meal or toasting sparkling white.

  • Loosen Sparkling Riesling - Don’t let the word Riesling fool you. This is not a sweet sparkling wine. It’s best described as a wine for those who don’t care for the dry acidity found  in many champagnes. Loosen Sparkling Riesling is just the opposite. Made from Riesling grapes, it produces a sparkling wine that is smoother and far less acidic than Brut Champagnes. It’s also an incredible value.$3.50 a glass. $2.00 a sample. $12.99 a bottle. Save $5.00. An easy to drink pre and during a holiday meal wine. Drinks well on its own.

  • Haute Couture Sparkling Rose and Blanc de Blanc - These two French sparkling wines have very limited availability. They both are very smooth, light with a hint of sweetness. The few bottles we were able to purchase sold out in less than three days. If you’re looking for a holiday sparkling white or Rose, these two are a must try. $5.00 a glass, $3.00 a sample. $24.99 a bottle. Save $5.00. Like the Loosen, these are easy to drink pre and during holiday meals or on their own.