The Annual PJ's pre-Holiday Gala Smorgasbord of Wines Tasting

November 11, 2017 (Sat)
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

PJ Wine, Inc. Upstair Tasting Room
4898 Broadway
New York, NY 10034

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Cost: $10 to reserve but will be reimbursed as $10 PJ gift certificate so technically it is free

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The Next Upstairs at PJ’s Event is on November 11th from 2-5pm

The Annual PJ’s pre - Holiday Gala Smorgasbord of Wines

Yes, the season is upon us! And as all wine lovers know, wine makes the best gift. Whether for the Thanksgiving Day table, or for all the December festivities, wine wins.

BUT it has to be the right wine. Don't get caught with plonk in your bag. On Saturday November 11th Come to our massive, comprehensive tasting for what we consider to be some of the best wine gifts we stock on our shelves. 

Join us at PJ’s on November 11th from 2-5pm for a dizzying array of wines to pair with the upcoming BIG MEAL, plus wines that would be ideal gifts and wines that are just flat out delicious.  We will be showcasing many staff favorites and many new wines… it’s going to be a blast and it’s the last true wine show of 2017 (December 9th is all bubbles) so DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

Don't get caught empty handed (or worse, bad bottle handed) this season and get your shopping down now. Besides, when else does holiday shopping involve, or rather demand, drinking?

Let's start the season together!