Business of Wine Online Course with Master of Wine Tim Hanni

January 10, 2018 (Wed)
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

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Business of Wine Online Course with Master of Wine Tim Hanni

Unique in its structure, this online course is flexible and customizable to each participant’s goals and needs from wine-knowledgeable novice, students engaged in wine studies such as WSET, SWE, and Masters of Wine, to seasoned wine veterans. Critical for winery principals who need to be familiar with costs, operations, distribution and point-of-sale considerations, the course also provides a competitive advantage to anyone looking for career or business opportunities in the industry. The course is indispensable for winemakers, viticulturists and marketing professionals wanting to expand upon their knowledge of business strategy and anyone considering, or already in the process, of starting a winery or a wine-related business; any wine professional looking to understand the different segments of the industry and how they connect and interact with one another. The online format is perfect for international participants interested in exporting wines to the U.S. and/or needing a firm understanding of how the U.S. wine business works.


Each participant has direct access to Master of Wine Tim Hanni for customizing the course to specific needs for business planning and/or career planning. Hanni has worked in every segment of the wine industry including eleven years with what is now Treasury Estates as Director of International Business Development and four years as a faculty member at Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute where he pioneered their online wine business programs.  While there are live webinars conducted twice weekly the webinars are recorded for viewing according to individual schedule needs. Thus, the course can be completed without attending any of the live webinars. This configuration also enables international student participation, and the course has been completed by participants from Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Business of Wine is delivered in 16 online classes presented through video lectures (live attendance recommended but not required), course webinars, and a series of unique, online WineBizSim business planning projects. The WineBizSim tool can be used for U.S. and international wines. There are three versions of the modeling tool which will be explained to participants, who can then chose whether they wish their wine to be reviewed as a winery wine; negociant/winery blending; and a tasting room and wine club wine financial planning version.

Included in the course are:

  • The WineBizSim vertically-integrated model that looks at all of the factors contributing to the costs of growing, producing, marketing and selling wine.
  • A Negociant/Winery financial model that includes an optional wine blending exercise with the ability to assess the financial viability of the product.
  • A detailed and complete pro forma plan for creating a profit and loss statement for tasting rooms and wine clubs.

Curriculum more information from instructor Tim Hanni, MW: 

  1. Duration of the course is eight (8) weeks and is divided into four 2-week sections. We will cover the entire spectrum of the wine value chain and supply chain in a systematic process. Each two-week section will have a project, quiz, selected reading and videos, live class webinars (you do not need to attend any live, they will be recorded for viewing later).
  2. The ‘live’ webinar/lectures take place on Wednesday afternoons at 12:00 noon and Monday evenings at 5:00 PM. Live attendance is NOT required for the Webinars but of course recommended. You will also receive login information for to register for the Webinars. Each webinar/lecture will be recorded and posted for viewing by all usually within 3-4 hours of the live webinar/lecture.
  3. We are using a separate business modeling program that I created called the WineBizSim. This is an online workbook encompassing all of the ‘businesses within the wine business’ related to the viticulture, production, sales, marketing, distribution and sales of wine. Think of it as the Farmville of wine. We will be using it to run winery projects and case studies.
  4. The course includes one-on-one coaching with the flexibility to help students at all levels of expertise and knowledge from someone interested in learning how the wine business operates; from complete wine industry newbies to seasoned winery professionals. We have found the flexibility of the course structure lends itself to newbies to the world of wine all the way to seasoned industry veterans. I am very pleased to take on customizing the course for your individual needs and expectations.
  5. The value you receive from this course is only as good as the time and effort you can put into it. There will be student forums on the course site to discuss issues, ask questions, and conduct conversations. The DISCUSSION FORUM on the course site will be the primary place to ask questions, pose ideas and communicate.



This class really equipped me with the confidence necessary to go out and job search for a career in the wine industry. As a recent graduate, the education gained from this course, and earned certificate to prove so, have been great assets in the job search, and really helped distinguish my resume among other job seekers. Furthermore, the unique perspectives covered in this class helped immensely in seeing the wine industry viewpoints from all angles and standpoints, which will be a huge asset in working in the industry.

Course Graduate