The Juice Grand Cru - only $15.00 per year!

  • Receive The Juice for as many cities as you want.
    Standard subscribers are limited to 2 cities.
  • Include the event price.
    You can include the price of the event right in The Juice.
  • Receive the event categories you are most interested in.
    So if you're not a beer drinker or don't care for hard spirits, you can opt not to see those types of events listed in your issue. Pretty cool, huh?
  • Only include sections of The Juice that you're most interested in.
    Choose only the content you want to receive and leave out the rest. Saves time.
  • Block or include Singles events.
    Totally, up to you.
  • Block posters you are not interested in.
    You can choose to "block" any events/venues you're not interested in. For example, those too far away or "Monday Night, Beer Night".
  • Only include events that are in a specific price range for your budget.
    If $150 is out of your price range for an event and you'd rather not be teased, you can be receive events within your designated price range.
  • Include a brief description for each event right in your issue.
    As a The Juice Grand Cru member, you can receive brief descriptions on each event, not included in the basic newsletter.
  • Eligible to win FREE tickets to selected events in your area.
    As a member of The Juice Grand Cru you'll be eligible to be entered to win free event tickets and giveways.
* Please note: By purchasing this upgrade, you will be enrolled in our auto-renewing yearly subscription service.
You may cancel your subscription anytime under My Account.