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Napa Valley Register

When to visit the wine country - By Dan Berger

November 15, 2012 ~ >>> An even better bet is to schedule a wine country tour to coincide with a major wine festival. They happen all over the country, and a website that consolidates most of these is Included in the dozens of major festivals listed on the site are a few in other countries (such as the white truffle food and wine event later this month in Piemonte!)............. see link for more.


Reader's Digest

Tips for Buying Affordable Wine - By Reader's Digest Editors

September 24, 2012 ~


Midwest Wine Press

Four Simple Ways to Increase Tasting Room Revenue - By Patti Held

August 27, 2012 ~
and my favorite? is the world’s largest calendar of food and beverage events where consumers can find information about events in their area. Below is a screen shot of the Local Wine Event’s listing for the upcoming Hermann Holiday Fare Wine Trail event in November.


Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Top Eight Wine Apps - By Lisa Rogak

June 12, 2012 ~ Top Eight Wine Apps

With new wine apps launching every day––from individual wineries to massive retail databases––it’s easy to become overwhelmed. We’ve whittled it down to eight of the best.

Local Wine Events

With over 1,500 new tastings, festivals, auctions and other wine-oriented activities listed each week, Local Wine Events offers a dizzying array of choices for wine lovers. iPhone, Android, $3.99. (now free)


Vegas Seven

The Datekeeper - By Grace Bascos

March 22, 2012 ~

Sometimes it’s better when wine drinking is a group effort. But how to track down these gatherings? More than a decade ago, Eric V. Orange began the calendar for every event having to do with wine around the country. Today, Local Wine Events is an incredibly useful tool not only for those who are looking for like-minded souls to discuss their favorite grapes, but also for restaurants and shops who use it as a way to reach new clients.

At first, Orange thought he would have to beg wine buyers to persuade wholesalers to post events, but instead it was enthusiastic restaurants that helped boost the popularity of the site. After launching initially in 50 cities, the site now lists wine and food events in more than 500 cities worldwide, and some 1,500 events are posted every week, making Local Wine Events the largest online calendar of such things. Despite his being based just outside Philadelphia, the Las Vegas listings are ever on-point.

Orange recently brokered a partnership with Google’s deal service, Google Offers. So in addition to telling fans about some of the most exclusive culinary events in bigger cities, he can sell discounted tickets to them. He’s also launched a Wine Events app so oenophiles can get their wine-gathering events on the go.

Ultimately, Orange’s purpose is to continue to make enjoying wine more accessible to the world, and Local Wine Events has become the go-to site for people who want to seek out these experiences. “It’s been interesting watching the wine industry evolve and how the Internet is being used,” he says. “The overall effect should increase general wine knowledge to a wider audience. I like that.”

Read More... Announces Premier Partnership with Google Offers - By Lee Romano Sequeira

January 31, 2012 ~
Malvern, PA – January 31, 2012 –, the world’s largest online calendar of food and wine related events, has announced its premium partnership with Google’s deal service, Google Offers.

Discounted tickets to exclusive wine and food event offerings in the metro areas of San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Washington, DC will be featured on the Google Offers platform through

CEO Eric V. Orange states, “We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Google over the past eleven years, and we’re very pleased they have selected as one of their Google Offers partners”.

Launched in 2000, now receives over 1,500 new food, wine, beer and spirits event postings a week. To date, over 360,000 events have been posted, and the websites free newsletter, The Juice -- featuring city-by city listings of wine, food, beer and spirits events in cities across the world -- currently has over 168,000 subscribers.

“To be able to bring these amazing offers using the Google platform is very exciting for us. I’m sure our audience will be pleased with the variety of exclusive deal selections – and the savings,” Orange says. >

For further information, please visit or 
You can join LocalWineEvents on Facebook at

If you have an upcoming event and are able to offer a discount or early bird pricing on tickets, then you will definitely want to consider using to offer a ticket deal.
Select deals in the larger metro areas will be submitted to the Google Offers platform, exposing your event to a huge audience. If you are interested in our deal system,
go here for more information


Chicago Tribune

Don't get over barrel at wine tasting - By Bill St. John

January 25, 2012 ~

> Seasonal fairs, wine schools and winery tasting rooms offer wine tastings. But perhaps the best chance to taste several wines is at for-fee tastings held by a fundraising or affinity group at a restaurant or other venue. (The best place to find out about such tastings, all over the world, is at, the most comprehensive listing of such events.)