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Orlando Florida Vacation Examiner brings wine events to your fingertips, hometown - By Rochelle Paul

November 02, 2009 ~

Wine and wine tastings are no longer the bastion of wine aficionados and experts. Everyday folks who simply love the taste, and wish to enjoy wine more than sipping in private over a dinner at home, are stepping out to discover what the world of wine is all about.

Fear and embarrassment because one doesn’t know the difference between a Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon is no longer keeping people from all walks of life, stepping out, tasting wines from around the word, visiting wineries, and experiencing wine for more than something to go with fish or beef.

Yet how does one find a wine tasting or event? , an ingenious website from Founder/Developer Eric Orange, has answered the call for those just starting out, as well as those with more expertise and experience.

Eric brings to his website, twenty plus years within the wine industry, from literally working in the dirt, learning how to grow grapes, to making wine as Vineyard Supervisor. His career extended as he became a member of the Society of Wine Educators, and serving on the board of the American Institute of Wine and Food. Tapping into the increasing use of the Internet, Eric had several tries at selling wine nationally via Internet, before starting his own site,

By tapping into the expanding reach of the Internet, Eric and his team have opened up an avenue for exploring wines not previously available. As a marketing platform for local businesses to share their events, to a pathway for those interested in wine to discover more than what’s on their local grocery shelves, is a valuable tool in an increasingly small world, where distance is a reality, but opportunity abounds.

The idea behind is pretty simple: one website where you can search by state or city for events and festivals.

While one can use the site for the locations around their home, it has also opened the venue to anyone, anywhere.

Perhaps you live in Chicago, but are traveling to Orlando over the holidays. On a regular basis, keep on top of the range of activities within the Chicago area, even those happening throughout Northern Illinois, Southeast Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana.

A range of opportunities, with a range of locations, wines, prices, and chances to taste wine.

Prior to your vacation, check out what’s happening in and around Orlando. Perhaps the hotel you’re staying at hosts events. Maybe there will be a local wine shop hosting something while you’re in. Maybe there is an annual festival, and you’ll be in town.

The greatest opportunities behind come from all around the nation, and are opportunities that present themselves to everyone, year round.

The website does not discriminate, providing information on beer and spirits as well.

Eric Orange brings his 20+ years experience to
(Photo courtesy of

This is a two-way street

For those who own wine businesses, hotels, or perhaps host an event, is an exciting way for you to advertise your event to a national audience.

No longer stuck with your local newspaper, your website - that only those who know about you will use - or competing on an unfair playing field with those who can afford more advertising, opens the door for your business to attract a whole lot more to your door.

According to Eric, the overall number of subscribers to the site is 110,893. The number of businesses reaching out to those subscribers is 14,326.

And while it will vary by city, Eric provided the top cities, and the number of current (and growing) subscribers.

New York City 11,577
San Francisco Bay Area 5479
LA 5315
Chicago 5197
Napa 4100

As continues to grow, so too do the numbers. Imagine reaching out to more than 5000 subscribers in your area.

But you’re not limited by the local area.

Someone traveling to your city can also use the site to find you. That increases the numbers of potential guests coming through your doors.

Not just for subscribers

The numbers I’ve listed above, aside from the number of businesses using the service, are subscribers. Those people, like myself, receive a weekly newsletter geared towards their chosen area, and the events being held there.

This does not include the numbers of passers-by, or those who do not subscriber, but use the site to find an event.

Looking for a Wine Festival is a great source for information about upcoming wine festivals. Florida, for example, hosts several events throughout the year, some during the peak winter travel season.

One such event is the 10th Anniversary of The Naples Winter Wine Festival.

Ranked among the “top 10 arts and entertainment events for wealthy Americans”, one will find a link to this festival site on

Not one of “America’s wealthy”? No problem. Events are held year round, different cities, different demographics.

Whatever type of event, whatever the price range, whatever the experience level, has opened the door to everyone seeking to learn and experience more about wine, spirits and beer.

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Kansas City Wine Examiner

Top 7 Wine Bloggers - By Dennis Schaefer

September 21, 2009 ~

In a report at the Wine Industry Financial Symposium in Napa last week, Wine Opinions, a research provider to the U.S. wine industry, revealed the top 7 wine bloggers, according to their trade survey.

The results were ranked by wine blog and frequency of visits. Those in the trade who said they visited these blogs "frequently," as opposed to "occasionally," ranked the bloggers as follows.

1.Eric Asimov, N.Y. Times, The Pour 23%

2.Eric Orange, 21%

3.Steve Tanzer, International Wine Cellar 15%

4.Jancis Robinson (tie), Jancis Robinson 13%

5.Alder Yarrow (tie), Vinography 13%

6.Tyler Colman, Dr. Vino 12%

7.Gary Vaynerchuk, Wine Library TV 9%

The survey list was a subset of the wine blogging community, as there are hundreds of wine bloggers, ranging from those who have been doing it for years to those who just started blogging last month. There has been considerable discussion in both the press and wine blogging community about how and if wine bloggers are changing the wine world, whether it be in the democratizing of wine criticism or the influence they have in consumer wine purchases.

Interestingly enough, populist wine disciple, Gary Vaynerchuk, who has become a new media cultural icon, was rated dead last by the wine trade. This would seem to suggest that his popularity rests with regular wine consumers and those millennials and gen-xers who are looking to learn more about wine but in a non-old school, digitally direct way. Meanwhile, Eric Asimov's "The Pour" was listed as the most frequented blog, but then he does have the bully pulpit of the New York Times behind him.

Later this week, Wine Opinions will release their entire "Market Track 1" report, which will detail the survey findings of the trade panel, as well as a consumer survey panel. Wine Opinions says this will be the most in depth and comprehensive study of U.S. wine consumers and the trade that has been done since the recession began.


EVO with Gary Vaynerchuk on - By Gary V.

July 14, 2009 ~