In the Press 2001

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Local Wine Review - By Guinness Wieland

April 14, 2001 ~ Before I get started let me say that all opinions contained in this or other review are just that, opinions. The reviewer has no wish to force his likes or dislikes on anyone else, and strongly encourages you to visit the site in question to form your own opinion.

Local Wine Review by Guinness Wieland.

The first time I planned to review I got distracted by some important ranting and raving I had to do. I remember thinking that I wished it were easier to find out if there were events in a certain part of the world, without going through and methodically checking. As if he were reading my mind, I received a notice that a new feature had been added today to do just that, so I thought I had better check it out.

Let me be perfectly blunt here. If you don\'t use this site, you are wrong. I advise getting out to as many wine events as possible, and to do so you need to find out where and when they are. Many sites offer such services (including Wine Update), and I think it is good to post your events to as many as possible, as well as looking to many when you want to find something to do. The thing is, some site has to be the best, and is the one.

To carry on with the bluntness, this site is pretty ugly. The reason for this, apparently, is so that it will load fast for the users. An admirable goal on the already burdened internet, but I don\'t know if that excuses the gray and olive green color scheme. Just my personal opinion, but these don\'t seem too appealing in a wine site.

Enough with the petty words on color and down to the functionality. The site could not be any easier to use. Because they have concentrated on a very specific task, the site isn\'t cluttered with a bunch of confusing stuff. You simply select your city and go.

The content is limited to event postings, and so can\'t be very rich or entertaining, just go elsewhere if that is what you want, this site is a true internet tool.

General Site Notes

As stated before, the design is not too big on pretty, but it is perfectly functional. Navigation is simple and very well laid out. The links are usually words that say just where they are going. The only real flaw is that sometimes the page is rather too large to fit into the browser window, requiring a little more scrolling than I like. Worth the price, really.

Contact information is present but not too obvious, on the bottom of the home page.

This site is recommended for anyone who likes wine and is not a recluse. Also useful to anyone with an event to post, since there is no cost to post something. Why not let everyone know?

Local Wine gets a 5-, with the minus for the colors that I wouldn\'t worry about if I were more rational. This site is an example of what the Internet should be, a series of useful tools.

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March 26, 2001 ~ Good morning, Congratulations! Your website,, is featured as a related link from this week''s U.S. News & World Report article, "Fruit of the vine" on You''ll find the news article and the link to your site at


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Okay, it''s just a mention, but we''re in good company...EVO.

March 01, 2001 ~ LOCAL WINE EVENTS is an extremely helpful site which is growing week by week. It is the brainchild of site owner, Eric Orange, who told Wine on the Web that has been created 'to be the one place where wine consumers can learn about events in their locality without having to register with a dozen different wine retailers. It is also an exciting tool for the wine industry, allowing restaurants, retailers, wineries, wholesale distributors and importers to bring their consumer events to the attention of wine enthusiasts everywhere.' The site also includes link facilities to connect enquirers with industry sites. Wine on the Web hopes this inspired site will really thrive and be strongly supported by the wine industry. Also consumers can help by sending details of any events that have not been publicized.


January 04, 2001 ~ It's Wednesday evening and you're bored. You could stare in amazement at Bette's skintight outfits for 30 minutes while you wait for The West Wing, or you could find something fun (translation: wine-related) to do. But where do you find wine events? Just log on to for a complete itinerary of wine happenings. Simply select your city (presumably Seattle) from the pull-down menu. Looking for winemaker dinners at a restaurant or special tastings at a winery? This useful Web site will steer you in the right direction.