Featured Vacation Benefits

1. Inclusion in our monthly Vacation edition of The Juice

Every month we spend out a special issue of The Juice to our 301,000+ subscribers. This email blast only contains vacations that have been posted at the featured level and offers incredible exposure to our huge audience of wine and food enthusiasts.

2. Prime placement on our Vacations & Tours page.

Featured vacation postings receive top, prime placement on the vacations section of our website. The featured tours are randomly rotated to ensure maximum exposure.

3. Random rotation in our weekly The Juice newsletter.

The Juice is our weekly newsletter that is sent out to 301,000+ subscribers worldwide. We display four (4) random featured vacation postings in every city issue of The Juice we send out. So, a featured vacation will appear in multiple city issues across the globe every week.

4. Random rotation on all city homepages.

We prominently display six (6) random featured vacation postings on every city homepage on our website. Our visitors cover the globe and have a strong interest in wine, food and travel.