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Claremont Distilled Spirits

Claremont Distilled Spirits, Inc, located in Fairfield, New Jersey was founded in May 2014 under the premise that world class spirits could be produced in the state using the finest locally sourced ingredients of the “Garden State.” From the potatoes used in the production of our Vodka to the corn in our Moonshine, we are Jersey made. Additionally, many of our infused product offerings take advantage of New Jersey being among the nation’s largest producers of a variety of fruits including Blueberries and Cranberries. As the largest craft distillery in New Jersey, Claremont Distilled Spirits has 4,000 gallons of fermentation capacity and more than 650 gallons of distillation capacity. We operate two stills including a large pot still for our Moonshines and Whiskeys and a custom made 23 foot dual column still for making our Vodkas. The Vodka produced from our column still is at the equivalent of more than 20 times distilled. Claremont is proudly owned by, and its products proudly produced by, and sold by native, lifelong New Jerseyans. We are proud of our heritage and the products we create. Our attention to detail through constant and personal monitoring throughout the production process results in true craft spirits that we believe are among the finest produced. Upon tasting our spirits we believe you will agree.
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