What Exactly Is Moscato & What Does It Go Well Wit

I was over at a friends house when she introduced me to Moscato. It smelled wonderful & when I tasted it, It was even better than what I thought it could be!!

What exactly is it? & Why don\'t many restaurants offer it?

When I find a place that actually does offer it on their wine list, I either get it as a before or after dinner drink because I have no clue as to what I should pair it with.

Can you give me some information on it?

Thanks so much!!

Answer From Expert Becky Sue Epstein

Moscato is a lightly sparkling wine, meant to be enjoyed as an aperitif, say, before brunch. Moscato d'Asti is made from one of the Muscat grapes around Asti in northern Italy. This is a lovely wine, much under-appreciated in the US -- it's great that you've discovered it!

It's often enjoyed on its own. If you want to try pairing, try light, fresh cheeses -- or dishes made with them, also try nuts and simple sweets like biscotti.

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Answer From Expert Roger Bohmrich MW

You could have had any one of many types of Moscato, or Muscat, at your friend's house. As a family, they are noted for their pronounced, scented aromas.

Moscato is grown in many parts of Italy. Piedmont in particular is known for its fully sparkling version, Asti Spumante, and its semi-sparkling cousin, Moscato d'Asti, the best of which are absolutely delightful: perfumed, delicately sweet yet possessing fresh acidity, and low in alcohol. This Moscato can be found in many Italian and other fine restaurants. It is delicious just by itself or with simple desserts emphasizing fresh fruit and butter pastries.

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