Sulfites In Wines

The subject of sulfites always confuses me. As far as I know they help preserve the wine, but are there rules on minimum and maximum amounts of sulfites allowed in each bottle of wine? Is the added amount of sulfites higher in the US than it is in Italy? Do…

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Starting A Wine Tasting Business

I am currently a wine advisor through a company. I have been doing it for a while and currently I am in the process of researching how to branch off an start my own in-home wine tasting business. Do you know of great resources I could read up on? Also…

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how long is Redwood Creek merlot good?

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Airport Wine Bars/Restuarants

What airports in the southwest and west have great wine selections plus food...can you or your colleagues provide a list of your favorites. Will be traveling PHX, LA, San Diego, Seattle etc... Hope you can help...thanks...Neil

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Cognac Grande Fine Champagne 1811 Reserve

What is the value of extra fine bottle Imperatrice Josephine Grande Reserve Cognac, distilled in 1811 bottled on April 26, 1934. Sealed with all tax stamps and Perfect Label. I have pictures showing everything. Full. Interested in selling.

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I have a bottle of 2013 Nova•Fase, Sangovsee wine. Is it still good? It's been stored in a temperature controlled room with little light hitting the bottle.

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Shefl Life

I have a 2010 bottle of Cavit wine unopened. Will it still be good. It has been stored in my pantry.

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Selling Wine To NY Distributors

We own a vineyard in California and want to sell wines to distributors in New York. What license do we need to sell and ship the wines from CA to NY distributors. Thanks! Toby

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