Wine Tastings

What are most popular wine tastings

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Kagor Wine

Should this wine be served cold and paired with what?

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Name Of The Wine

I get a bit confused: is it reisling or riesling, or is there some subtle difference between the two?

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Wine And Paint

Hi I'm attempting to start a wine and paint night where I serve food as well..what permits do I need to pertain to make this happen legally

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Launching My Wine Business By Local Wine Tasting

I live on Hayling Island, south of England. I want to start marketing my Local business by holding a small Trade fair, to include wine tasting from already established wine dealers, like you. My is, is it possible for you to get involved, directly or indirectly in this at all…

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Coffee Beans & Chardonnay

I tried dark chocolate covered coffee beans with Chardonnay the other day, just out of curiosity, and found that they went very well together. The Chardonnay was oaky, so I was thinking that might have something to do with it, but I am used to red wine with chocolate, so…

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Food And Wine

why do people say it is better to drink white wine with seafood, etc. and red with meat? I'm a veggie and only really like red!

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Size Of Container

Dear Sir, I am told that the bigger the bottle, the better the chances that the wine will last. Does that apply to spirits like cognac? In what sizes do cognac bottles come? Thanks.

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