Selling Into Wisconsin

I work for an Illnois Wine Importer and Distributor (and also Foodservice) and we would like to sell wine into Wisconsin. We have applied for a permit/license....if we want to see directly to restaurants in that state do we need to have a physical presence there as well like a…

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Homemade Concord Wine,

this is the first time we tried to make wine from hand-picked grapes. destemmed, cleaned, crushed and processed. according to directions. Just did final racking, specific gravity is .995, am ready to bottle, but it has a very powerful bouquet - takes your breathe away, and dry, almost harsh on…

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Musty Basement

Although my unheated basement is a good temperature for storing wine, I'm concerned that the musty odor will transfer through the cork into the wine. Is this something to be concerned about? Other than buying a wine cooler, is there a way to store my wine down there safely?

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California Organic Wines

Hello! I am doing research for a local SoCal business and am looking for brands that have a featured organic wines or even exclusive organic wine or wineries in California; and particularly in southern california. Any suggestions of brands? Thank you! Michelle.

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Fortified Wines & Drinks

I read that the high alcohol content in fortified wines & liquors etc. can damage the cork & therefore the bottles should be stored standing rather than close to horizontal like non-fortified wines. True?

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Shelf Lift

I wanted to make a batch of latavia wine...mixing carlo rossi burgundy wine with whiskey, everclear, sugar, and maraschino would I store that and how long will it last? What will make it last the longest?

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How Can I Sell My Friend's Wine In New York City?

Hello. I'm Italian, I live in New York City, and recently several of my Italian friends asked me to help them to sell their wine here. My experience with wine is only about drinking it! What's the best way for me to sell my friend's wine here? What kind of…

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Wine Etiquette

Dear Sir, Of course wine should be enjoyed as and with whoever one sees fit, but I expect that there are sometimes protocols to follow when connaisseurs gather together and open a famous vintage. Any input on that?

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