Dear Sir, I opened a 2003 Montagne St Emilion. First I wanted to make sure it wasn't corked, so I smelled it - ok. Then I tasted it - not ok. Bland as water, and then the alcohol hit me but not much flavor. I decanted it and waited a…

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Unopened Bottle , 10 Years Old, Still Drinkable?

I was given a boxed bottle of Moet Chandon Brut Imperial, for a birthday and have been keeping it in my wardrobe for a special occasion. Serial number on the label is: 3 185370 000335. It is about 10 years old, possibly more. I would like to use it now.…

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Decanter-like Bottle

Dear Sir, Chiantis can be found in wicker round decanter-like bottles. Do I keep those bottles standing up in my cellar? (Not me standing up.) What wines typically come in that kind of bottle? Thank you!

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Have Unopened 1988 And 89 Laying Flat In The Dark-

I have several bottles of chardonnay laying in a dark cabinet dating back to 1989 and 1988 as well as Ken Jack Pinot Noir and Syrah dated 1999, should I toss them?

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Chianti Wine

Should chianti wine be served chilled?

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Food And Wine

why do people say it is better to drink white wine with seafood, etc. and red with meat? I'm a veggie and only really like red!

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Differences In Wine

whats the difference between a wine and a strong drink? also do you have unfermented wine or does wine always refer to a drink with alcohol in it?

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Question About Cru

What does it mean when a Champagne is made from 40 to 50 crus?

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