Sardinian Wines For Inflammation

What are some names of Sardinian wines available in PA that supposedly help with inflammation in the body?

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1989 Chateau Lafite Rothschild Pauillac 5L Jeroboa

Does anyone know the value of this bottle that a friend has brought to my attention.

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Box Wine

I had boxed wine in my NON hard cooler, it was out all night and part of a day, is it still drinkable? OR should I dump it?

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A long time ago I read that it is histamines, not sulfites, that induce headaches when drinking wine, especially red wine. I can not find the article now. Just wondering if you have heard of this? I work at a local winery and the statement comes up often that customers…

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Storage Temp For Champagne

Is it okay to store chilled champagne at room temperature?

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Red Wine - From Wine Refrigerator To Room Temp

Hello, I have a couple of good bottles of red wine (Brunello, Malbec, Bordeaux etc) that I bought during my trips to several wine regions. I keep them at 58F in my wine refrigerator. I am moving to another country and I would like to know if I can bring…

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Old Madeira Wine From 1967

Hello! I was given an old madeira wine bottle from 1967 that I am trying to find information about. I have looked everywhere on the internet without results. I even consulted the local wine expert and even he did not know who has produced this wine. The label says Madeira…

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Wine Distribution & Importing License

What is the first requirement to get a license for importing , distributing wine in FLorida? Thanks

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