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Getting the lowest prices from boutique wineries

I am interested in getting the lowest prices on wine from the boutique wineries. My goal is to utilize the fulfillment center in shipping the wine to the direct sales (generated from the home tasting parties). There are many wineries to choose from, and I need guidance on how to…

Answered By An Expert On Sep 30, 2014 - View Answer


I store my wine in an underground storage facility next to an underground parking lot. The same air is conveyed and the place is not really well ventilated. So, lots of C02. What kind of impact will there be on my bottles? (Around 40)

Answered By An Expert On Sep 26, 2014 - View Answer

Swiss wines

There are excellent wines from the Swiss jura area...like hopital portales. Where can I buy such wines in Atlanta? So far no luck!

Answered By An Expert On Sep 23, 2014 - View Answer

Wine Scandals in France

I had an argument with my brother last week over an issue I'm pretty sure I read about years ago. I contended that there was a major scandal in France a number of years ago over the fact that many of the premier chateaux had been blending North African wines…

Answered By An Expert On Sep 16, 2014 - View Answer

taking wine into restaurants

When taking a bottle of wine into a restaurant is it traditional to leave any wine left in the bottle for the staff?

Answered By An Expert On Sep 9, 2014 - View Answer

purchasing wine in utah

I am curious why we can't buy Colorado wine in Utah?

Answered By An Expert On Sep 5, 2014 - View Answer

Marketing agent

From your response to my previous question I should become a marketing agent from my friends California winery . Would this enable me to sell to wholesales in Florida and New Jersey and New York? Would I personally need to store the wine? And which license would I need? Including…

Answered By An Expert On Sep 2, 2014 - View Answer


I like a dry Riesling but unless the bottle states "sweet" or "dry" on the label I have no clue as to its contents. Is there a way to determine the sugar level of Rieslings.

Answered By An Expert On Aug 27, 2014 - View Answer

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