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Starting a tasting room!

Hello, I am in the early stages of doing research and planning a move to the Portland area to open a tasting room featuring an Oregon wine region's offerings. I am new to running my own business, but have 10+ years experience in management, inventory control and purchasing product. And…

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climate change and wine

What are your views on climate change, higher temperatures, pollution clouds and grape-growing/wine-making? Will wine regions have to be geographically redefined as a result?

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How long after opened can you keep a bottle of wine?

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Can wine pop its own cork?

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Old Medford Brand Rum

I have an unopened, seal unbroken bottle of Old Medford Rum. There is no date on the bottle. There is notation on the label that it was bottled by M.S. Walker, Inc. Boston. I have had it in my posession for over 40 years, but know that it is much…

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Wine tasting parties

I'm interested in starting a wine tasting business; here is my thought - I'd work with wineries to pour their wine at people's homes as a tasting party. People can then purchase wine and/or join the wine club. I could even pick up and deliver their wine club shipments to…

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Selling wine to restaurants and distributors

What license would I need to import from California and sell to distributors and restaurants and country clubs in New York,New jersey,Connecticut and Florida. I presently have no company formed and would like to know what sort of. Mop any would be most suitable? Thank you, Donna

Answered By An Expert On Mar 3, 2015 - View Answer

Moscato with dinner a faux pas?

I have recently discovered Moscato and enjoyed the sweet taste more than any white or red wine I have ever had. When dining out, I want to drink Moscato with my entrée, be it meat, fish or pasta. Would this be an unforgiveable wine faux pas?

Answered By An Expert On Feb 24, 2015 - View Answer

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