Wine Refrigerators And Racks For Storing Wines

I am lookig for a wine refrigerator that will fit nicely under a counter . What are some good brands - meaning quality wine refrigerators and affordable prices. Also can you suggest some good racks? Thanks

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Shown And Sons

I have come across a vertical of Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford 1979, 1980, 1981 from this producer. Can you tell me anything about them and what the wine might be worth? It was found in temperature controlled cellar.

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Red Wine - From Wine Refrigerator To Room Temp

Hello, I have a couple of good bottles of red wine (Brunello, Malbec, Bordeaux etc) that I bought during my trips to several wine regions. I keep them at 58F in my wine refrigerator. I am moving to another country and I would like to know if I can bring…

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Where are there wine growing regions in the world where one can still find ungrafted vines?

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When To Open

HI I am new to the wine drinking experience. I have purchased a few bottles that are older vintages. Is there a website that might tell me when to drink these wines ?? Thanks for your help

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Allergic To Chardonnay?

A close friend almost always has a negative reaction to chardonnay, including bad mood swings. It is not a quantity thing, as it happens after as little as two glasses.This person does not have any similar reaction to other whites, nor to any reds. I suspect there is some minor…

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Wine Storage

I will be relocating to Tucson, AZ later this year. I am searching for some temporary temperature and humidity controlled wine storage there to use until I am established in a new residence and have my cellar up and running. I have found a couple of places in the Phoenix…

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Box Wine

I had boxed wine in my NON hard cooler, it was out all night and part of a day, is it still drinkable? OR should I dump it?

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