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Moscato with dinner a faux pas?

I have recently discovered Moscato and enjoyed the sweet taste more than any white or red wine I have ever had. When dining out, I want to drink Moscato with my entrée, be it meat, fish or pasta. Would this be an unforgiveable wine faux pas?

Answered By An Expert On Feb 24, 2015 - View Answer

1969 Chateau Montelena bottle value

My father has a few bottles of Chateau Montelena from 1969 that he is interested in selling but doesn't know a fair value. Any suggestions?

Answered By An Expert On Feb 17, 2015 - View Answer

1978 Napa Cab

My wife received a birthday gift of a 1978 Hietz Cabernet Sauvingon--Marth'a Vineyard. We're unsure how it was stored, but it appears as if as has at least been stored horizontally due to the nature of the cork. Even in the best of storage conditions, is this wine drinkable or…

Answered By An Expert On Feb 10, 2015 - View Answer

starting a Wine Venue in Gonzales TX

can you give me any advise for start up of a Wine Tasting Venue in Gonzales TX. I would like a home based business but could rent a historic building in town. There is nothing like this in our town. But many people who have requested someone opening one. I…

Answered By An Expert On Feb 3, 2015 - View Answer

red wine

I like Pinot Noir, I was wondering if there is a wine just a little bit more on the sweet side. thank you

Answered By An Expert On Jan 28, 2015 - View Answer

Aging wines: red vs white

Do wine collectors ever save white wines to age? It seems I only hear of reds being of old vintage besides perhaps a sparkling expensive wine? Just curious as a guest at my Wines For Humanity wine tasting asked me and I didn't know how to respond.

Answered By An Expert On Jan 27, 2015 - View Answer


What's the difference between phenolics in red wines and in a white wine such as riesling ?

Answered By An Expert On Jan 20, 2015 - View Answer


What is the difference between a sauternes and a barsac dessert wine?

Answered By An Expert On Jan 14, 2015 - View Answer

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