History Of Chardonnay

When did it become customary for winemakers to oak Chardonnay? Was there ever a period of time when the predominant method was something else?

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Shefl Life

I have a 2010 bottle of Cavit wine unopened. Will it still be good. It has been stored in my pantry.

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Wine Education

What is the definite book or course on basic wine education? I read the CSW study guide and found it to be poorly written and reasoned.

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"extract, Alcohol And Structure"

I'm quoting you hoping you could expound on what "extract" is. Also, is structure just a matter of acidity or sweetness? Thank you.

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Balance In Wine

When someone says a wine is "balanced", what does that mean? Thanks

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Grapes Red Skinned

How many grapes are there that have a red skin and also red juice?

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Starting A Wine Tasting Business

I am currently a wine advisor through a company. I have been doing it for a while and currently I am in the process of researching how to branch off an start my own in-home wine tasting business. Do you know of great resources I could read up on? Also…

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Cognac,Grande Fine Champagne,1811 Reserve,

I have two bottles of Cognac, Grande Fine Champagne, 1811 Reserve, Imperatrice Josephine. Both bottle show leakage. First bottle is unopened and half way down the bottle. The second bottle has lost about a inch from its' top. Bottled in France 11/4/1934, distilled in 1811. Is there any hope that…

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