Hello. I tasted a wine in Italy earlier this year & was wondering if you anyone in the UK stocked it. I believe the sparkling wine was called ' Franciacorta'. I would be grateful for any assistance you can provide. Thanking you Nichola

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Vendor Fee For Wine Tasting

Hi, we're planning a wine tasting festival and were wondering if it customary to charge the participating vendors that are providing the free samples a fee to participate in the festival or if it's expected to allow them to participate for free.

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Wine Glass

Again about tasting, what are your views about which glass to select? I've read some people think the right glass is essential, while some others think that's irrelevant.

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Sardinian Wines For Inflammation

What are some names of Sardinian wines available in PA that supposedly help with inflammation in the body?

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Italian Wines

Why aren't there more Charbono and Nebiollo wines produced domestically?

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Wine Shipping Law In Missouri

I want to have more than two cases of wine per month shipped to my address. However the state of Missouri only allows two cases a month to each address. Does anyone know of a movement to change this law? I'm frustrated. I want to join more than one wine…

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Is there a cooks grand Spumante

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Wine Temperature

I have wine being shipped from Ca. to Az. once a month. I told the company you can't ship wine to Az. after April to Oct. due to the heat of 100+F. They ship UPS and there is no A/C and I said the wine will be ruined. They said…

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