Manga Comic Book About Wine

Have you heard of the Japanese comic book about wine called "The Drops of God" ? If so, would you agree that the wines mentioned are exceptional ? If not, is there some recreational literature about wine that you would recommend?

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Storing Sake

I have an upopened bottle of Sake and Sangria in refridgerator. Can I take out and store in a pantry if both are unopened but already chilled.

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Is White Zin Or Merlot Still Considered Red Wine?

I am not a red wine lover. But, I read a lot about the benefits of red wine, that are apparently not present in the whites I like. I do enjoy White Zin. Is this considered a "red" wine with the same attributes or not? I also want to try…

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Have Unopened 1988 And 89 Laying Flat In The Dark-

I have several bottles of chardonnay laying in a dark cabinet dating back to 1989 and 1988 as well as Ken Jack Pinot Noir and Syrah dated 1999, should I toss them?

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Climate Change And Wine

What are your views on climate change, higher temperatures, pollution clouds and grape-growing/wine-making? Will wine regions have to be geographically redefined as a result?

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Value Of

Selling price bottle of, cambas mavrodaphne golden cream ?

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Wine Pairing

COLORADO Leg of Lamb PASTED WITH with lots of garlic, parsley, fresh mint leaves, lemon zest along with the juice, salt and pepper. Which Red Wine would you recommend? Would a southern Rhone be agreeable?

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Wine Tastings And Tipping

I recently viewed your answer to this very topic, however, was wondering if etiquette has changed recently. My boyfriend and I went on the Northwest Indiana/Michigan wine trail, where we visited several wineries and their tasting rooms. I would say at least 75% or more of these tasting rooms had…

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