Chilean Cabarnets

My wife is a Cabernet Sauvignon drinker - but she is no connoisseur of wine. Over the last 15 years, I have bought her hundreds of different bottles of CB and noted on my own how much she liked each wine. Over the years I noticed the overwhelming number of…

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Wine And Food Pairing

What interactions between wine and cuisine are essential for successful wine-cuisine pairings?

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Principe Chianti

I have a 3ltr, approx 114cm tall bottle of principe chianti the bottle is in the shape of a man - looks like a soldier. Can you tell me what it could be worth. We can send a photo if necessary.

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Opening A Tasting Room

I want to open my own tasting room, what steps must I follow to be legal ?

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Wine Temperture

Do you believe its a severe negative for wine bars or restaurant bars to offer their by the glass menu's at room temp instead of 55-58 degrees?

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1er Cru Vs Grand Cru

What is the definition of each subject term?

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Kid Cab California 2012 Wine

I have a KId Cab California Wine that is a Cabernet Sauvignon. Is this a sweet wine?

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Selling Wine To NY Distributors

We own a vineyard in California and want to sell wines to distributors in New York. What license do we need to sell and ship the wines from CA to NY distributors. Thanks! Toby

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