Selling Wine To NY Distributors

We own a vineyard in California and want to sell wines to distributors in New York. What license do we need to sell and ship the wines from CA to NY distributors. Thanks! Toby

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Opened Bottle Of Port

I opened a nice Blackberry Port from Canada for Xmas and we only drank half bottle. Can I recork and save for a couple weeks?

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Shipping Wine

We live in a state that is very warm during 4 months of the year. It is also known for not have too many sweet local wines. We love sweet Rieslings. For those wineries that can send to our home, I'm afraid the wine will be damaged during shipping. Should…

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Arizona Wines

I would like to gift some AZ wine to a friend on the East Coast. What would be some of the best quality Reds & by which producers/labels?

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Opening A Tasting Room

I am in the beginning stages of researching a tasting room for our area. I want the tasting room to specialize in Texas wines. The Texas wine industry is taking off in a huge way however the hill country (wine country) is about a 3 to 4 hour drive from…

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Wine Drinkable? Cannot Find Info On Internet

I have a bottle of Battaglio Barbaresco DOCG 2005 Produzione Limitata. L.08-126. The pink label on the neck of bottle says AAA 07755974. Can you tell me if this wine is still drinkable, or should I save it? Thanks!

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History Of Chardonnay

When did it become customary for winemakers to oak Chardonnay? Was there ever a period of time when the predominant method was something else?

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Moscato & Chardonnay

What is the difference between Moscato and Chardonnay?

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