Chianti Classico From 1962 (Stefani)

Found a bottle of Chianti Classico from 1962 in the cellar. It is not a normal bottle, but with a bulgy bottom and half of it packed in some sort of reed grass. Is this still drinkable? Greetings Aloys Martens

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Visiting Spain: Which Wines Should I Try?

My friends and I will be visiting the Alicante region of Spain (Javea specifically). Which local vineyards are worth a visit and when dining out, which wines do you recommend we sample? Red and white?

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1er Cru Vs Grand Cru

What is the definition of each subject term?

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Price And Year

I have a bottle of napoleon french brandy. L. Turet & Co imported negociants A 16200 Franch would like to know age and if it's worth anything.

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Pick Up Wines And

We're a vineyards in CA which are able to sell wines to customers. We have an individual client who lives in GA and would like to purchase 300 cases of wines from our vineyards. It's supposed to perform a direct shipment, or a distributor may help finish the shipment. But…

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Wine Storage

Why is wine stored laying on its side instead od standing it up right

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Rose Storage

May a bottle of unopened Rose be taken out of the refrigerator and stored in a wine rack?

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Arizona Wines

I would like to gift some AZ wine to a friend on the East Coast. What would be some of the best quality Reds & by which producers/labels?

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