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I like a dry Riesling but unless the bottle states "sweet" or "dry" on the label I have no clue as to its contents. Is there a way to determine the sugar level of Rieslings.

Answered By An Expert On Aug 27, 2014 - View Answer

Allergic to Mourvedre

I have a customer that swears up and down that she is allergic to Mourvedre! She says she gets a reaction only when she drinks Mourvedre - even if it is in a blended wine in small quantities.

Answered By An Expert On Aug 26, 2014 - View Answer

what to serve at wedding

Our daughter is getting married in September. We are down to the details, such as selecting the wines to offer our guests. We would like to serve Michigan varieties if possible. We have chosen Brys estate riesling for the white, but we still need a bubbly (preferably on the sweeter…

Answered By An Expert On Aug 19, 2014 - View Answer

Are wines with the same rating equal?

What is the difference between a $10 bottle of wine with a 90 pt. rating and a $100 bottle of wine with the same rating?

Answered By An Expert On Aug 12, 2014 - View Answer

Question about Cru

What does it mean when a Champagne is made from 40 to 50 crus?

Answered By An Expert On Aug 7, 2014 - View Answer

Wine, Bordeaux

What is the drinking window for a Lynch-Moussas 2004 (single bottle) and what food should I pair it with ?

Answered By An Expert On Aug 5, 2014 - View Answer

Middle East wines

Is Lebanon considered a New World producer?

Answered By An Expert On Jul 29, 2014 - View Answer

3 liter Recondo Chianti

Hello, I have a bottle of Recondo Chianti... 3 liters in a green corkscrew curved bottle about 3 foot tall...by Cevin sas, Pontedera Italian, imported by Schenk USA, inc. Glenview Illinois. Am curious about any information that you could provide on this. I appreciate your help.

Answered By An Expert On Jul 22, 2014 - View Answer

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