Storage Temp For Champagne

Is it okay to store chilled champagne at room temperature?

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How To Store A Good White Wine

How do you store a good white wine if you don't have a wine cellar?

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Visiting Wine Country

My wife and I are planning a trip to Sonoma County/Russian River Valley this summer. We are concerned with the news and pictures of the terrible storms and flooding there this winter. We are considering postponing and going somewhere else. Do you know how I could find out how bad…

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Where are there wine growing regions in the world where one can still find ungrafted vines?

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"extract, Alcohol And Structure"

I'm quoting you hoping you could expound on what "extract" is. Also, is structure just a matter of acidity or sweetness? Thank you.

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American Muscadine (Red Or White)

As I live in NJ where it's illegal to ship wine from out of state. I've been trying to obtain an American Muscadine for several weeks even contacting several producers (Duplin, Childress, etc.) without success. Can you supply any retail locations in NJ where I can purchase? Many thanks.....Sam

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Manga Comic Book About Wine

Have you heard of the Japanese comic book about wine called "The Drops of God" ? If so, would you agree that the wines mentioned are exceptional ? If not, is there some recreational literature about wine that you would recommend?

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Storing Sake

I have an upopened bottle of Sake and Sangria in refridgerator. Can I take out and store in a pantry if both are unopened but already chilled.

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