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Wine shipping law in Missouri

I want to have more than two cases of wine per month shipped to my address. However the state of Missouri only allows two cases a month to each address. Does anyone know of a movement to change this law? I'm frustrated. I want to join more than one wine…

Answered By An Expert On May 20, 2015 - View Answer


I've never really been a wine drinker, mostly because I know very little about wine, not because I don't want to be. I would like to be able to go to a restaurant and order a glass of wine or to a store and buy a bottle, but the selection…

Answered By An Expert On May 19, 2015 - View Answer

Selling Curvee Dom Perignon

I have a bottle of 1970 Dom Petignon. I have had it for at least 20 years. It has been stored in a dark, relatively cool place. In no way can I attest to its current quality other than the above information. How could I successfully sell this? thank you

Answered By An Expert On May 12, 2015 - View Answer

Wine on Tap

A restaurant recently opened in my neighborhood offering wine on tap. At first, I scoffed at the idea but after a little research, I'm intrigued. There are so many positive attributes to wine on tap, namely the reduction of waste. What are your views on this subject? Can a wonderful…

Answered By An Expert On May 5, 2015 - View Answer

How to Tip on Wine as Part of the Total Bill

If I go to a dinner and the total bill comes to $300 before tip. However, the wine purchased from the restaurant as part of the dinner contributed $140 towards the total of $300. Do I include the wine as part of the total to calculate the tip? I do…

Answered By An Expert On Apr 28, 2015 - View Answer

wine and food pairing

What interactions between wine and cuisine are essential for successful wine-cuisine pairings?

Answered By An Expert On Apr 23, 2015 - View Answer

Alvarez de Toledo Mencia Roble Vintage 2009

I was recently in Palm Beach and purchased the above bottle of wine. It is absolutley delicious. Does anyone know a wine agent in Canada that carries this wine?

Answered By An Expert On Apr 21, 2015 - View Answer

dessert and wine

I own a gourmet bakery in Sodus, NY. I want to showcase a wine and dessert basket for the holiday season, but I am uneducated in the correct wines to pair with desserts. One of the desserts is a tripple fudge cake (a 3 layer chocolate cake with milk chocolate…

Answered By An Expert On Apr 14, 2015 - View Answer

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