How long after opened can you keep a bottle of wine?

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Principe Chianti

I have a 3ltr, approx 114cm tall bottle of principe chianti the bottle is in the shape of a man - looks like a soldier. Can you tell me what it could be worth. We can send a photo if necessary.

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Visiting Wine Country

My wife and I are planning a trip to Sonoma County/Russian River Valley this summer. We are concerned with the news and pictures of the terrible storms and flooding there this winter. We are considering postponing and going somewhere else. Do you know how I could find out how bad…

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Comments To Question Re Amarone Vintage Charts

Several years ago I gave an Amarone tasting for the Hollywood Wine Society & included were my last bottles of 1967 & 1976. Recently with several members of this group plus Andy Lampasone (owner of Wine Watch wine store) & Hermes Ortiz ( wine importer) we had a dinner plus…

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Wine Storage

Why is wine stored laying on its side instead od standing it up right

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American Muscadine (Red Or White)

As I live in NJ where it's illegal to ship wine from out of state. I've been trying to obtain an American Muscadine for several weeks even contacting several producers (Duplin, Childress, etc.) without success. Can you supply any retail locations in NJ where I can purchase? Many thanks.....Sam

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White Merlot

Is White Merlot considered a red wine.

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Can Different Wines Be Stored In Same "cellar"?

I have recently gotten an 8 bottle wine cellar for my counter top. I read that the ideal temperature for it to be set on would be 55 degrees F. Is this true? Also, am I able to store rose, red, and white wines all in the same cellar?

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