Wine Storage

I chilled a bottle of Beringer White Zinfandel in the fridge prior to visiting friends. Sadly, the visit never took place. My question is, can I safely move the wine to a cool basement, without any spoilage? And if so, how long would the wine stay fresh? The bottle is…

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Homemade Concord Wine,

this is the first time we tried to make wine from hand-picked grapes. destemmed, cleaned, crushed and processed. according to directions. Just did final racking, specific gravity is .995, am ready to bottle, but it has a very powerful bouquet - takes your breathe away, and dry, almost harsh on…

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New Wine

Is new wine grapes that are not ferment and made into grape juice. If so can you give me some brand names and where they can be purchase.

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At The Restaurant

Dear Sir, What are your views on the prices charged by different restaurants for the same wine? Is there a rule of thumb for the customer to tell if a wine is overpriced?

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Any Info On This Wine, Suggestions

I have a well stored 750 1978 David Bruce Late Harvest Zin. Cannot find any info on line. Help?

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could you suggest the wines in white and red that are low in sugar ?

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Wine Tastings And Tipping

I recently viewed your answer to this very topic, however, was wondering if etiquette has changed recently. My boyfriend and I went on the Northwest Indiana/Michigan wine trail, where we visited several wineries and their tasting rooms. I would say at least 75% or more of these tasting rooms had…

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How To Set Up A Perfect Vertical Tasting?

Hi, My wife and I are planning to have a vertical tasting with close friends. We will be drinking four bottles of Vega Sicilia Unico (1973, 1981, 1991 and 2004). We would appreciate your suggestions regarding the order in which the bottles should be opened, decanting times and food pairing…

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