Amarone Wine

If the grapes are dried before making the Amarone wine, where does the juice come from?

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Unopened Wine Bottles Were Washed In Dishwasher

Please help: 2 "smart" employees decided to wash some bottles of new, unopened, refrigerated bottles of wine that had mold on the outside of the bottles. 15 of the bottles became uncorked about 1/2" or less. When I became aware I was shocked that they did this. I never thought…

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Wine Storage

If I have purchased an expensive bottle of wine that was displayed standing up, is it OK to lay it down on it's side for longer term storage? I have heard that changing a bottle from standing to side storage back and forth can be bad because once the wine…

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"Hot" Tasting Wines

Will bottle aging help subdue the "hot" taste to a wine with a high alcohol content?

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Stonehill Winery

Isn't Stonehill Winery from 1847 the oldest winery? It has an excellent Norton/Cynthianna. Carole Clancy Javaux

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Distributor To Distributor

I am currently holding a Federal importer licence and a NYS licence, and i would like to start selling to distributors in FL and CA, what are the requirements for me in order to do it? Thanks

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Wine Paring

Which wines pair well with salty foods? My wife and I own a little start-up company called Salt of the Earth. It is a seasoned salt that enhances the flavor of many foods.We are often asked which wines our seasoned salt pair well with. Can you help us?

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Cellar Tracking

is there a wine label recongition cellar tracking system that is both location and wine type sensative?

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