Wine Paring

Which wines pair well with salty foods? My wife and I own a little start-up company called Salt of the Earth. It is a seasoned salt that enhances the flavor of many foods.We are often asked which wines our seasoned salt pair well with. Can you help us?

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Cellar Tracking

is there a wine label recongition cellar tracking system that is both location and wine type sensative?

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Leaking Bottles

If I receive a bottle of wine in the mail and it has leaked 6-7 drops, is the wine now bad ? or can it still be cellared ? Henry

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Wine Kicense

What type of license do i need to be able to sell wine in the state of florida. I would be wholesaling, so more of a package license i think, I have a business that i buy and sell from auctions,mostly general merchandise, and I have had several oppourtinities to…

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Red Wines

If stored in a cool dark room, why would red wine need to be in a dark green bottle?

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Florida Importer's License

I have an importer and wholesaler basic permit, COLA approval and now seeking to get an importer license for Florida state, but the district office tells me that an importer license it's not gonna let me handle the alcohol. Thus the manufacture company from abroad has to ship directly to…

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Any Info On This Wine, Suggestions

I have a well stored 750 1978 David Bruce Late Harvest Zin. Cannot find any info on line. Help?

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How To Set Up A Perfect Vertical Tasting?

Hi, My wife and I are planning to have a vertical tasting with close friends. We will be drinking four bottles of Vega Sicilia Unico (1973, 1981, 1991 and 2004). We would appreciate your suggestions regarding the order in which the bottles should be opened, decanting times and food pairing…

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