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Moscato with dinner a faux pas?

I have recently discovered Moscato and enjoyed the sweet taste more than any white or red wine I have ever had. When dining out, I want to drink Moscato with my entrée, be it meat, fish or pasta. Would this be an unforgiveable wine faux pas?

Answered By An Expert On Apr 18, 2014 - View Answer

Snake design on a tastevin handle

The handle of some tastevins is in the form of a pair of snakes or a single snake, an element most often seen on tastevins from Bourgogne region. Can anyone tell me if the snakes have any symbolic significance?

Answered By An Expert On Apr 15, 2014 - View Answer

Kid Cab California 2012 Wine

I have a KId Cab California Wine that is a Cabernet Sauvignon. Is this a sweet wine?

Answered By An Expert On Apr 14, 2014 - View Answer

Wine Import

Greetings all, I would like to import wine for trade and exhibition. Since i wont open a store where i keep the wine, we would also like to work with a current permit holder to facilitate the Millennium Development Goal Number of 8 which encourages Global partnership. I will be…

Answered By An Expert On Apr 8, 2014 - View Answer

Allergic to Mourvedre

I have a customer that swears up and down that she is allergic to Mourvedre! She says she gets a reaction only when she drinks Mourvedre - even if it is in a blended wine in small quantities.

Answered By An Expert On Apr 2, 2014 - View Answer

Looking for my wine!

I'm new at wine, but loving it! I don't like a wine that has a bold or strong robust flavor. But do like the Red's, as well as some White's. Something more on the line of a full flavor, sweet wine! Any suggestions?

Answered By An Expert On Apr 1, 2014 - View Answer

Crank wine pour-er with marble base

Saw a crank wine pour-er with marble base at an auction was wondering the price it looked antique.

Answered By An Expert On Mar 25, 2014 - View Answer

A good wine for my girlfriend

What would be a good sweet wine at my girlfriend might like red or white. She typically likes those sweet mixed drinks buy Seagram's. So something in that flavor range just not sickening sweet. Thanks Robert

Answered By An Expert On Mar 18, 2014 - View Answer

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