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wine and food pairing

What interactions between wine and cuisine are essential for successful wine-cuisine pairings?

Answered By An Expert On Apr 23, 2015 - View Answer

Alvarez de Toledo Mencia Roble Vintage 2009

I was recently in Palm Beach and purchased the above bottle of wine. It is absolutley delicious. Does anyone know a wine agent in Canada that carries this wine?

Answered By An Expert On Apr 21, 2015 - View Answer

dessert and wine

I own a gourmet bakery in Sodus, NY. I want to showcase a wine and dessert basket for the holiday season, but I am uneducated in the correct wines to pair with desserts. One of the desserts is a tripple fudge cake (a 3 layer chocolate cake with milk chocolate…

Answered By An Expert On Apr 14, 2015 - View Answer

Wine fridge smells corked

What can I do to kill the smell in my wine fridge. I'm worried if that it is corked bacteria it could affect the bottles stored in the unit.

Answered By An Expert On Apr 7, 2015 - View Answer

Champagne storage and chilling

Can champagne quality be effected by moving it from refrigerated cooler storage to basement rack storage.....what are the do's and don'ts of handling champagne storage? Thank you for your assistance.

Answered By An Expert On Mar 31, 2015 - View Answer

Starting a tasting room!

Hello, I am in the early stages of doing research and planning a move to the Portland area to open a tasting room featuring an Oregon wine region's offerings. I am new to running my own business, but have 10+ years experience in management, inventory control and purchasing product. And…

Answered By An Expert On Mar 24, 2015 - View Answer

climate change and wine

What are your views on climate change, higher temperatures, pollution clouds and grape-growing/wine-making? Will wine regions have to be geographically redefined as a result?

Answered By An Expert On Mar 17, 2015 - View Answer


How long after opened can you keep a bottle of wine?

Answered By An Expert On Mar 17, 2015 - View Answer

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