Dom Perignon

I have a bottle of 1985 Dom Perignon. It has been properly stored since I received it in 1995. How much is it worth. Thank you.

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Selling Into Wisconsin

I work for an Illnois Wine Importer and Distributor (and also Foodservice) and we would like to sell wine into Wisconsin. We have applied for a permit/license....if we want to see directly to restaurants in that state do we need to have a physical presence there as well like a…

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Chilean Cabarnets

My wife is a Cabernet Sauvignon drinker - but she is no connoisseur of wine. Over the last 15 years, I have bought her hundreds of different bottles of CB and noted on my own how much she liked each wine. Over the years I noticed the overwhelming number of…

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Wine And Food Pairing

What interactions between wine and cuisine are essential for successful wine-cuisine pairings?

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Principe Chianti

I have a 3ltr, approx 114cm tall bottle of principe chianti the bottle is in the shape of a man - looks like a soldier. Can you tell me what it could be worth. We can send a photo if necessary.

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Opening A Tasting Room

I want to open my own tasting room, what steps must I follow to be legal ?

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Wine Temperture

Do you believe its a severe negative for wine bars or restaurant bars to offer their by the glass menu's at room temp instead of 55-58 degrees?

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1er Cru Vs Grand Cru

What is the definition of each subject term?

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