Wine Tastings And Tipping

I recently viewed your answer to this very topic, however, was wondering if etiquette has changed recently. My boyfriend and I went on the Northwest Indiana/Michigan wine trail, where we visited several wineries and their tasting rooms. I would say at least 75% or more of these tasting rooms had…

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Entry Level Wine Industry Career Paths

Hello! I am very interested in learning about how to break into the wine industry in an entry-level position but do not know where to begin. I have a B.A. in Communication and an M.A. in Clinical Counseling but due to the economic crisis, I must now use my graduate…

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Old Madeira Wine From 1967

Hello! I was given an old madeira wine bottle from 1967 that I am trying to find information about. I have looked everywhere on the internet without results. I even consulted the local wine expert and even he did not know who has produced this wine. The label says Madeira…

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How long will unopened sake keep its character?

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Wine Consumption

How much wine is consumed in the city of Scottsdale per year? Neil

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How long after opened can you keep a bottle of wine?

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Principe Chianti

I have a 3ltr, approx 114cm tall bottle of principe chianti the bottle is in the shape of a man - looks like a soldier. Can you tell me what it could be worth. We can send a photo if necessary.

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Visiting Wine Country

My wife and I are planning a trip to Sonoma County/Russian River Valley this summer. We are concerned with the news and pictures of the terrible storms and flooding there this winter. We are considering postponing and going somewhere else. Do you know how I could find out how bad…

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