How Can I Sell My Friend's Wine In New York City?

Hello. I'm Italian, I live in New York City, and recently several of my Italian friends asked me to help them to sell their wine here. My experience with wine is only about drinking it! What's the best way for me to sell my friend's wine here? What kind of…

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Wine Etiquette

Dear Sir, Of course wine should be enjoyed as and with whoever one sees fit, but I expect that there are sometimes protocols to follow when connaisseurs gather together and open a famous vintage. Any input on that?

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Dear Sir, I opened a 2003 Montagne St Emilion. First I wanted to make sure it wasn't corked, so I smelled it - ok. Then I tasted it - not ok. Bland as water, and then the alcohol hit me but not much flavor. I decanted it and waited a…

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Wine Label Clarification

Using Cabernet Sauvignon as an example. Most bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon have small percentages of other grapes added such as merlot, cabernet franc, etc., and are labeled Cabernet Sauvignon. Other wines are labeled "Bordeau Blend" and have the same small percentages of merlot, cabernet franc, etc. Other wines are labeled…

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Wine Refrigerators And Racks For Storing Wines

I am lookig for a wine refrigerator that will fit nicely under a counter . What are some good brands - meaning quality wine refrigerators and affordable prices. Also can you suggest some good racks? Thanks

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Shown And Sons

I have come across a vertical of Cabernet Sauvignon Rutherford 1979, 1980, 1981 from this producer. Can you tell me anything about them and what the wine might be worth? It was found in temperature controlled cellar.

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Red Wine - From Wine Refrigerator To Room Temp

Hello, I have a couple of good bottles of red wine (Brunello, Malbec, Bordeaux etc) that I bought during my trips to several wine regions. I keep them at 58F in my wine refrigerator. I am moving to another country and I would like to know if I can bring…

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Where are there wine growing regions in the world where one can still find ungrafted vines?

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