Size Of Container

Dear Sir, I am told that the bigger the bottle, the better the chances that the wine will last. Does that apply to spirits like cognac? In what sizes do cognac bottles come? Thanks.

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Cold Chain

Dear Sir, we made the mistake of leaving a bottle of limoncello and a bottle of mirto in the freezer several days before a party and then of leaving them at room temperature all night long during the party (don't ask). Can we still put them in the fridge or…

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Best Used By Date

how do I know if my LA CREMA Sonoma Coast 2009 Pinot Noir wine is still good??

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Wine Education

Is there a local wine school in or around the Portland area? I’d like to open a tasting room in Honolulu in the next year or two.

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Ancient Ways Of Wine-making

Thankful so much for answering my questions so quickly....but I have one more question.. Would it have been possible for the ancients in olden days or bible days to make grape juice without any alcohol content with their basic Technology back then? Because from what I understand it's a certain…

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1811 Reserve Impeatrice Josephine Grande Champagne

I am trying to find out the value of a bottle of this cognac. I have an undamaged all seals intact. No leakage bottle. It was handed down several generations. It is in mint condition. As I said all seals and cork are fully intact Thanks

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Vendor Fee For Wine Tasting

Hi, we're planning a wine tasting festival and were wondering if it customary to charge the participating vendors that are providing the free samples a fee to participate in the festival or if it's expected to allow them to participate for free.

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Hello. I tasted a wine in Italy earlier this year & was wondering if you anyone in the UK stocked it. I believe the sparkling wine was called ' Franciacorta'. I would be grateful for any assistance you can provide. Thanking you Nichola

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