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Wine fridge smells corked

What can I do to kill the smell in my wine fridge. I'm worried if that it is corked bacteria it could affect the bottles stored in the unit.

Answered By An Expert On Nov 18, 2014 - View Answer

New versus Old World Wines

What are new world wines and old world wines?

Answered By An Expert On Nov 18, 2014 - View Answer

Is White Zin or Merlot still considered red wine?

I am not a red wine lover. But, I read a lot about the benefits of red wine, that are apparently not present in the whites I like. I do enjoy White Zin. Is this considered a "red" wine with the same attributes or not? I also want to try…

Answered By An Expert On Nov 13, 2014 - View Answer

Champagne storeage, I have some champagne

I have some champagne that got warm by accident do to my refrigerator failure can I put back in refrigerator cool and will it be ok ??

Answered By An Expert On Nov 11, 2014 - View Answer

I.W. Harper Whisky made in 1917, bottled 1933

I inherited a sealed pint bottle of I.W. Harper Whiskey which was made by United American Co, KY. It is sealed and in the original box which reads: "For Medicinal Purposes Only" on the side. Does this item have any value? Thanks & cheers!

Answered By An Expert On Nov 4, 2014 - View Answer


what is the best way to serve saki? warm, chilled, room temp, or on ice? How long will it last if stored unopened in cool temps?

Answered By An Expert On Oct 28, 2014 - View Answer

Wine mixed with Amaretto

I've made some mustang (sweet) wine. It's turning out pretty good (some conditioner should finish it off well). However, out of curiosity, I mixed some amaretto with it. I only added a small amount (not enough to significantly change the color) and it makes a great taste. Have you ever…

Answered By An Expert On Oct 21, 2014 - View Answer

Gift of wine to remember a 2012 special event

My fiance really loves wine, so I want to get him a bottle as a wedding gift for our August 2012 wedding. I know there are no 2012 wines out, so what can I get him now that would make him think of the year we got married in the…

Answered By An Expert On Oct 14, 2014 - View Answer

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