the drunken cyclist

by masi3v - I have three passions: wine, bikes, travel, family, and math.

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Rebecca's Wine is Beautiful Blog

by Rebecca Leung - I love wine. Being a wine educator & wine writer, I write about my close encounter with great food & wine.

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Tales From the Trellis

by Steve from the Trellis - Truth, justice and the pursuit of value priced wine based experiences. A casual blog about all things wine. From tasting new bottles to storage to…

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Os Vinhos

by Pedro Rafael Barata - Notas Pessoais de Provas de Vinhos

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drink tank

by Mario Scheuermann - Pers├Ânliches Webtagebuch und journalistisches Arbeitsjournal von Mario Scheuermann, Weinautor in Hamburg (Deutschland) und Od├│rfa (Ungarn).

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Werner Elflein | Mein Weintagebuch

by Werner Elflein - Wine Riesling

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Grapes and Grains

by David Flaherty - One man's journey to the bottom of the glass

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Der Weinschreiber

by Ingo Bargatzky - Der Weinschreiber: Trinke Wein aus Leidenschaft, die manchmal aber auch Leiden schafft. Und man muss das Rad doch nicht zweimal erfinden - oder?

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Gabe's View

by Gabe Sasso - Wine & Music Reviews

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At First Glass

by Nancy - In which we learn about wine together, right here in the beating heart of Chicago's south suburbs. Really.

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by Ronald Holden - Tasting notes & culinary dispatches from Belltown and beyond. "One of the Internet's top ten food blogs" according to About.com. "Whimsical, youthful," says the Seattle…

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Gastronomic Fight Club

by Snekse - Mischief. Mayhem. Soup.

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Good Taste Report

by Greg Randle - WineLife's Best-of-Breed

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Nikos Weinwelten

by Niko Rechenberg - A blog around the world of wine

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Lady of the Grape

by Linda King - Winemaking information. Written by a NC winemaker. News and info. both local and elsewhere on wine and food.

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Second Label Wine

by Chad Crow - Reviews of great value second label wines from some of the world's top producers for the benefit of the palate and the pocketbook.

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2001 Bottles - A Wine Odyssey

by Bob Halifax - The goal is to drink & taste our way through 2001 unique bottles - all the time keeping track of the bottle, the locations where…

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Tastes of Life

by Victoria - Reviews and thoughts on wine, chocolate, cheese, restaurants and related events.

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Drinks Are On Me

by Dale Cruse - Dale Cruse is a website developer helping to change the wine world. He likes to eat, he likes to drink, and he likes to write…

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by Alder Yarrow - Wine reviews, restaurant reviews, and down to earth commentary on all things wine.

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