Know Your Grapes – Appraising Wine

by Cris Drugan ISA-AM, MIPAV-OS

Selecting an appraiser for your valuable assets is difficult enough; don’t get “tanked” over selecting one for your wine collection! As with any appraisal, when selecting a qualified appraiser look for a formal, up to date, education in appraisal theory, procedures, ethics, and law. The appraiser you hire should also be familiar with the type of property you want appraised and know how to value it correctly. Wine is no different. Where a wine retailer, wholesaler or importer may have “in depth” knowledge of the product and the trade, they may not know how to proceed in…

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A Themed Wine Tasting at Home.

by Kelly Wight

We love a traditional wine and cheese pairing event just as much as we love a popcorn and wine night. But, hey, it’s the holidays—and, oh what fun it is to add flair! We’re going full “Christmas Past” today with a look back at a wine tasting event from yesteryear that shows the fun and festive spirit only a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting can bring. Read on as Wine Guide Kisha Dlugos unravels a tale of food, wine and ugly Christmas sweaters! Setting the Sweater Scene West Virginia Wine Guide, Kisha Dlugos, snapped a photo of the…

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5 Questions to Ask An Online Wine Club

by Mark Aselstine

Ok, so I know there's a million of them these days, seemingly everyone has an online wine club. Let's lump all of them into a few categories to start: First, there's an old group of them that largely predate the internet. The Original Wine of the Month Club and California Wine Club fit into that group. More recently, venture capital has found it's way into the wine space. Winc and Naked Wines fit this profile. There are others of course. Major media has come into the wine space. After all, they have significant email lists and the…

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2018 anniversary wines: 2008, 1998, 1988, 1978... 1848

by Stuart George

It was a year that might turn even the most devout teetotaller to drink – unless their name is Trump. In 2017, we witnessed the inauguration of a Twitter-obsessed reality TV star as US President (whose grandfather came from the Pfalz wine region in Germany); the ongoing tragicomedy of North Korea; shocking events in Manchester and Las Vegas; a never-ending war in Syria; and the devastating consequences of Hurricane Harvey and the Mexican earthquake. Compared to these events, fermented grape juice becomes even more insignificant. Nonetheless, let’s try and look to 2018 with optimism and savour the chance…

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The Benefits of Wine

by Porto Planet

We have all heard that ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’, but lately, more and more studies show that wine can bring many benefits to the body and make a significant contribution to maintaining our good health. So how can wine help us when we drink it regularly, but in moderation? Let’s see in detail! 1. LIVE LONGER! It is known that in Ikaria people live longer than anywhere else in the world. Daily consumption of wine is part of a diet that can enrich the lives of those who follow it because it is less reliant on…

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The 5 best red wines for the Christmas period

by Robert Lovell

As we enter deep winter and Christmas approaches, there is no better drink than a rich, fruity red wine. It’s an alcoholic beverage that goes with all the best Christmas foods - from Turkey to Mince Pies - and a red’s deep flavour acts as the perfect blanket for your mouth on a chilly night. There are a wide array of different red wines that can be enjoyed during the festive season, all with different flavours, different prices, and which compliment different delicious Christmas foodstuffs. So here’s a quick guide to some of the best red wines to should…

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California Wine Country has not burned down

by Bob Ecker

Napa, California On the night of Sunday, October 8th, Northern California Wine Country was hit with a dangerous “perfect storm” of atmospheric conditions combining: warm temperatures, extremely low humidity, bone dry fields and forests and very strong winds. Beginning at 9:52 pm, 17 wildfires sprung up throughout the wine country counties of Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties. These were considered wildland urban interface fires, meaning forest fires within close proximity to human habitation and businesses. And these fires were big and fast moving, among the worst in California’s history. The result was a tragic toll on some communities,…

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The Best Wines to Suit Everyone at a Wedding

by Sam Brown

So the date is set, the big day is getting nearer and the guests are eagerly anticipating the celebrations. For the hosts the planning of the perfect wedding breakfast is paramount so here is a selection of the best wine ideas to get you through the day and suit every taste, budget and reveller! Champagne, Cava or Prosecco – depending on budget or preference any one of these is perfect to kick off the proceedings and to toast the happy couple during the speeches. Prosecco has fast become the fashionable fizz of choice for many and there is a…

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