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Wine List Checkup: The Centurion Club at DFW Terminal D


Oct 11 2014

by Andrew ChalkTime was, you went to the airport to catch a flight. Now, people may make the treck to DFW just to spend time at the American Express Centurion Club. AMEX has made a move that is at once brilliant and simple. Seeing the dumbed-down, emasculated concept of a…

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Tiny Bubbles

by Elena Cawley

Sep 19 2014

Tom invited his guests in the wine cellar, and I followed them. He opened the door. It was dark. He turned on the light. “Follow me and watch your step,” Tom said. I smelled a combination of toasted oak, cedar, vanilla and yeast aromas.We went down and stood in front…

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The Grgich Hills wine label, and how it relates to the Napa earthquake

by Kevin Nelson

Sep 12 2014

Wine labels are fascinating things. They often tell stories, although the stories can be hidden from view. So it is with the label for Grgich Hills Estate which connects, in a roundabout but interesting way, to the Napa earthquake. The 6.0 earthquake that hit Napa in August is showing, once…

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South Africa's Biodiversity and Wine Initiative

by Morris Lemire

Sep 08 2014

This is the story of how the wine trade in South Africa is repositioning itself in a burgeoning world market using an innovative program called the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI). It is an optimistic story of courage and hope that has become a beacon for grape growers around the…

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Cheers to California Wine Month: A time to celebrate

by Dilva Henry Scala

Sep 06 2014

It's true, an entire month is dedicated to celebrating wines, specifically California wines. September marks the 10th anniversary of California Wine Month... A time to raise a glass and say 'Cheers!' to one of the state's signature agricultural products.As an homage to grape growers and vintners statewide, several Southern California…

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Out of the Vines Came Forth… Vodka


Sep 05 2014

by Andrew ChalkKiepersol Estates, the remarkable winery that grows some 14 vinifera grapes in the east Texas region where it is axiomatic that vinifera grapes are killed in the crib by Pierce’s disease, has done it again. They have just released Dirk’s Vodka, sourced from grape juice from their own…

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The Great Pacific Northwest and Tempranillo

by Linda Perrins Ress Foxworth

Aug 27 2014

“Nueve Messes de Invierno, Tres Messes de Inferno,” is how Javier Alfonso describes the climate of both his home of origin, Ribera del Duero, Spain and his adopted home, Woodinville, Washington. Javier is the owner of Pomum Winery in Woodinville. He serves on TAPAS, which stands for Tempranillo Advocates, Producers…

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It Even Goes with Popcorn

by John Kerr with Gina Trippi

Aug 15 2014

By John Kerr with Gina TrippiSparkle and Pop! It’s a shame that we save champagne for special occasions. Many of us keep the sparkling locked up, only to let it out of the basement for weddings and New Year’s Eve. Not so in the rest of the wine producing countries…

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