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A South African Wine Dinner

by Frank Whitman

May 29 2015

I like wines made from the Chenin Blanc grape. They have an appealing mix of exotic fruit flavors, brisk acidity, and (in some cases) a surprising depth and complexity that takes a step up from every day refreshers. In France white wines of the Loire Valley and Vouvray in particular…

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West Village Wine Tour

by Ron Kapon

May 28 2015

I bet you are asking yourself why is Ron on a wine tour? I do teach wine & spirits at two universities. I did co-author the Fairleigh Dickinson University/NY Times Knowledge Network on-line wine course. I do write about wine & spirits for many print & on-line publications. I believe…

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Steak and Wine Pizza

by Gabriella Owens

May 16 2015

This pizza is one of Rick’s creations and a delicious one at that. Make the wine reduction sauce ahead of time, since it takes at least an hour to make. The wine reduction sauce will make the dough soggy, so it should be drizzled on right before cutting and eating.1…

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Rose wines are hot! The Rose Competition from the inside.

by Bob Ecker

May 15 2015

Article: The Rosé CompetitionBy Bob Ecker May 2, 2015Includes Full Award ListYears ago I was fortunate enough to visit Provence and enjoyed many fine, pale, fragrant rosé wines in the cafes of Arles, Uzes, and Saint-Rémy-de-Provence among other delightful spots. The balanced Bandol and other rosé wines were perfect for…

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Texas Department of Agriculture Proposes 75% Texas Grapes Requirement in GO TEXAN Wine


Apr 30 2015

June 12th, 2014: In a major rules announcement the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) today proposed that future use of the GO TEXAN mark on wine packaging will require that 75% of the grapes used to make the wine be from Texas. This replaces the existing rule under which 0-%…

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Graham’s – Ne Oublie … Very Old Tawny Port

by Olga Magalhães Cardoso

Apr 21 2015

The Symington family has launched a wine from 1882 to celebrate the arrival in Portugal of the family’s pioneer. The name couldn’t have been more exemplar. Ne Oublie – meaning unforgettable or do not forget! Ne Oublie is more than an extraordinary wine; it is a family jewel, a historical…

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The "Five S" Approach to Wine Appreciation

by Jerry Greenfield

Mar 25 2015

ByThe Wine WhispererAs many have heard me say, enjoying wine means liking it. Appreciating wine means knowing why you like it. Unfortunately, many beginning wine lovers get put off by hearing people say things like, “Oh, yes…there’s some nice gooseberry notes on the nose, and the herbaceousness spreads across the…

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Closing Argument: Stopping The Bottle

by Quini Team

Mar 22 2015

Written by: KL TurnerNatural cork has enjoyed a long romance with the wine bottle. Over the past 250 years, corks have sealed many a high profile vintage in anticipation of opening night. The pop, the pour, and the pleasure all combine to deliver a great wine experience. Why is cork…

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