Some Ancient Wines That Were Significantly Popular At Their Times

by Eve Hunt

Wines have a prominent share in the history of mankind. If you will turn back few pages from the history, you will get to know that how important drinking wine was considered during that time. In ancient Greece, those who did not drink wine were regarded as barbarian. The term barbarian was used to describe people who were uncivilized or inferior.People at that time used to follow simple wine making recopies and usually would make it at home. Let’s have a look at some of the famous ancient wines:Lora: It was a bitter wine made from soaking the grape skin…

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A Winos Guide To The U.S. 290 Wine Road – Caveat Emptor


You have toured Napa’s famed Highway 29, right? The wine trail where it takes 45 minutes to cross the road in the summer (such is the traffic)? Well, an attraction billing itself as the “#2 Wine Destination in America” is taking shape just south of Dallas. It is the “290 wine trail” or “Wine Road 290”.The term “290 wine trail” is my own. The name refers to the stretch of U.S. 290 between Fredericksburg and Johnson City.The term “Wine Road 290” is copyrighted and owned by a corporation with the following details: · Started by Gary Gilstrap from Texas Hills…

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English Wine Appeals to all sorts

by Nicola Boarer

English wine is not only winning awards against some of the world’s most famous names in the world of wine, but now it also boasts its very own wine tour from London.The very first English Wine Tasting Tour took place last Sunday 31st May, the perfect end to English Wine Week. After all the celebrations of English Wine throughout the week, it seems only fitting that it should end with a visit to where it all begins.Nicola Boarer, Founder English Wine Tasting Tours said ‘’The first tour appealed to a real mixed bag. Some cool 20 somethings who had heard…

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The Spirit of Cooperation is Alive & Well in NJ Wine

by Paul Tonacci

There is no shortage of great things to be said about wines that come from our state. One quality I was surprised to discover recently is an enduring spirit of cooperation and stewardship for the growing local wine industry. It’d not be unreasonable to assume that each winery would be about as friendly to one another as two competing pizza places in a small town, which is to say, not very but that’s hardly the case I’ve learned in most places. I was fortunate to sit down and have a brief interview with general manager, Tim Schlitzer, and winemaker Mike…

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A South African Wine Dinner

by Frank Whitman

I like wines made from the Chenin Blanc grape. They have an appealing mix of exotic fruit flavors, brisk acidity, and (in some cases) a surprising depth and complexity that takes a step up from every day refreshers. In France white wines of the Loire Valley and Vouvray in particular are the old world standards. There are scattered plantings of Chenin Blanc across new world wine regions, but South Africa is where it has really caught on. Chenin Blanc, long established there, is the most popular and widely produced white wine in the country. Also known as Steen, the grape…

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West Village Wine Tour

by Ron Kapon

I bet you are asking yourself why is Ron on a wine tour? I do teach wine & spirits at two universities. I did co-author the Fairleigh Dickinson University/NY Times Knowledge Network on-line wine course. I do write about wine & spirits for many print & on-line publications.photobanda I believe as many people as possible and recent statistics proved my point should share wine. The U.S is the world’s largest wine market and sales have been growing at 2-3% rate for the past 21 years. The 3PM meeting spot for my tour group was Grano Trattoria…

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Steak and Wine Pizza

by Gabriella Owens

This pizza is one of Rick’s creations and a delicious one at that. Make the wine reduction sauce ahead of time, since it takes at least an hour to make. The wine reduction sauce will make the dough soggy, so it should be drizzled on right before cutting and eating.1 Herb Pizza Dough1 Tablespoon Cornmeal1 Tablespoon Olive Oil1/2 Cup Grilled Steak, Cut in Small Cubes3/4 Cup Onions, Sliced3/4 Cup Mushrooms (about 6 medium), Sliced1 Tablespoon Butter or Olive Oil (for sautéing)1/4 Cup Crumbled Blue Cheese1/4 Cup Wine Reduction Sauce (recipe below)Sauté onions and mushrooms in butter. Preheat pizza stone to…

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Rose wines are hot! The Rose Competition from the inside.

by Bob Ecker

Article: The Rosé CompetitionBy Bob Ecker May 2, 2015Includes Full Award ListYears ago I was fortunate enough to visit Provence and enjoyed many fine, pale, fragrant rosé wines in the cafes of Arles, Uzes, and Saint-Rémy-de-Provence among other delightful spots. The balanced Bandol and other rosé wines were perfect for warm or hot afternoons – just like in California. It was like drinking sunshine in a glass. When I returned home I sought out American rosés and found a very few “modern” wines, that is, good dry crisp and tasty rosés unlike the preponderance of sweet, weak and mass produced…

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