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Arizona's Only...

by Robin Dutt, Lori Reyolds, Mercé Mueller

Apr 18 2014

Tucked away in South Eastern Arizona amidst the Sky Islands of the Santa Rita, Whetstone and Huachuca Mountains lies Arizona’s one and only American Viticultural Area (AVA). An odd place for the modern Arizona Wine Industry to take root, literally and figuratively, ranching is still the predominant culture in the…

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Lessons From Pebble Beach Food & Wine, 2014

by Laura Ness

Apr 18 2014

Ten Things I Learned At Pebble Beach Food & Wine, Vintage 7by Laura NessFour days of epicurean overload can do you in. You have to pace yourself. Attending the bountiful array of seminars and lunches, though, can really give you some precious and meaningful insights into what makes this food…

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Book Review "Secrets of the Wine Whisperer"

by Michael S Baumohl

Apr 18 2014

Marketing expert and wine guru Jerry Greenfield offers a riotous memoir of an ordinary couple’s seduction into the world of fine wine. Even if you have only a passing interest in the subject, Mr. Greenfield’s recollections and “secrets” will make for a delightful read."Secrets of the Wine Whisperer" is subtitled…

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The New Zinfandel


Apr 14 2014

Zinfandel is the Apple computer of wine grapes. No grape has a following like it. These oeno-moonies flock to San Francisco each superbowl weekend to attend ZinFest, AKA ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers), a tasting of virtually every Zinfandel maker’s wines. The winemakers themselves are there pouring, connecting one-on-one with…

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Second wine: hidden deals or waste of money?

by Maria Shultseva

Apr 12 2014

A Chinese proverb says “cheap things are not good, good things are not cheap”. But is it true for second wines which often claim to be ‘Grand vin quality for a fraction of the price’? While it is hard to disagree that first wine (or ‘Grand vin’) from top-notch estates…

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Grand Tasting of 1982

by Bok Nan Lo

Apr 02 2014

"Wine must always be shared… I think it would be a sad day if one were to drink a bottle of Pétrus by himself.”- Dr. Gordon KuOn my birthday, I received a few messages asking me what wine am I going to drink that night? A 1968 Bordeaux? I got…

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Venissa…a golden gem in the backwaters of Venice!

by Chris Davies

Mar 27 2014

Story & Photos by Christopher J. Davies, A piece of Venice’s storied past, restored with love and patience. That is what the Bisol family of Prosecco fame can be proud of today. They had the vision to revive the long forgotten indigenous Dorona grape on the Island of Mazzorbo.…

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This wine taste almost like lafite 2005 but for a fraction of price - guess which?

by Bok Nan Lo

Mar 20 2014

Duhart Milon, a 4th growth classified Bordeaux wine has been off my radar for unknown reason. Ok I try to explain a bit, the price of Duhart Milon has gone through the roof when Chinese discovered this label to be almost a Lafite clone, and also a property that belongs…

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