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Heinen's / WVIZ World Series of Wine

A Fall Combo Festival In Cleveland, OH

Category: Combo
Season: Fall
Location: Cleveland, OH

If you wanted to create a weekend-long celebration of wine and food, one that is unmatched by any other event, you wouldn’t settle for something… ordinary.

You might start by orchestrating intimate wine tasting dinners at a variety of fantastic restaurants where a cadre of celebrated chefs prepares gourmet menus, pairing fine wines with innovative dishes.

Taking the wine-lovers’ weekend up a notch, you might mix-in a roster of fun and informative wine-tasting seminars conducted by knowledgeable and engaging experts (including vintners and other heroes of the grape) that focus attention on a selection of varieties, vintages, or renowned wine regions.

And, as if that were not enough to satiate even the most earnest oenophile, you might next present hundreds of wines, offered with a delectable selection of hors d\'oeuvres, in a casual, easy-to-navigate environment. Invite a few hundred fun and friendly people, and voila!

In total, you\'d arrive at something that might be called “A wine lover’s delight”… “the granddaddy of them all”… and “the best of its kind“ wine tasting event in Northeast Ohio.

If you haven’t figured it out already, we’re alluding, and inviting you, to the Heinen’s/WVIZ World Series of Wine.


The WVIZ/ Heinen’s World Series of Wine is a delight for wine novices and aficionados alike. Its rich variety of events and activities – presented in a three-day festival-like program – offers opportunities to sample wine and savor fine food on a scale and a level of quality unparalleled in Northeast Ohio.

The World Series of Wine is truly… extraordinary.

All proceeds from the Heinen’s / WVIZ World Series of Wine benefit WVIZ/PBS: Public television for Northeast Ohio.

More info: www.wviz.org/wsw

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