Wine Events

This is a list of events tagged as "Wine" in Long Island, New York.

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Date Event City
Jul, 19 2018 The Vine Wine Academy Presents: Summer Time Cocktails    Merrick
Jul, 19 2018 50 Years of Bordeaux Wine Dinner    Water Mill
Jul, 20 2018 Dan’s Taste of Summer’s GrillHampton    Bridgehampton
Jul, 20 2018 Wheatley Wine Tasting    Westbury
Jul, 20 2018 Free Gin and Wine Tasting    Lynbrook
Jul, 21 2018 Dan’s Taste of Summer’s Taste of Two Forks    Bridgehampton
Jul, 21 2018 Free Tequila, Wine and Vodka Tasting    Lynbrook
Jul, 26 2018 Made in Cali Wine Dinner    Water Mill
Jul, 27 2018 Sake, Wine and Rum Tasting    Lynbrook
Jul, 27 2018 Simi Wine Tasting    Westbury
Jul, 28 2018 Tequila, Wine & Mezcal Tasting    Lynbrook
Aug, 09 2018 Nebbiolo Night Wine Dinner    Water Mill
Aug, 17 2018 Ruffino Wine Tasting    Westbury
Aug, 25 2018 Mondavi Bourbon Barrel Wine Tasting    Westbury
Sep, 12 2018 Taste & Toast The Town    Carle Place