Tasting (walk around) Events

This is a list of events tagged as "Tasting (walk around)" in Central Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania.

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Date Event City
Jul, 21 2018 BrewFest    Harrisburg
Jul, 28 2018 Vines and Wines    Manheim
Aug, 25 2018 4th Annual Wine Festival hosted by Southside Fire Company    Riverside
Sep, 07 2018 Jazz & Wine Festival    Harrisburg
Sep, 08 2018 14th Annual Gettysburg Wine & Music Festival    Gettysburg
Sep, 14 2018 Something to Wine About: Wine + Comedy at Hotel Hershey    Hershey
Sep, 22 2018 Drench the Valley Wine and Beer Festival    Berrysburg
Nov, 03 2018 Gettysburg's Wine & Spirits Fest"aPalooza" (Inside Event)
Gettysburg's Wine & Spirits Fest   
Nov, 18 2018 Hollywood Casino's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"acular"
Hollywood Casino's Wine 'n Spirits Fest   
Dec, 01 2018 York's Wine 'n Spirits "Santa"Palooza (Inside Event)
York's Wine 'n Spirits   
Feb, 10 2019 Hollywood Casino's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"
Hollywood Casino's Wine 'n Spirits Fest   
Mar, 16 2019 Carlisle's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"
Carlisle's Wine 'n Spirits Fest   
Apr, 06 2019 Gettysburg's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"
Gettysburg's Wine 'n Spirits Fest   
Apr, 13 2019 Bloomsburg's Wine 'n Spirits Taco"Palooza"
Bloomsburg's Wine 'n Spirits Taco   
Jun, 22 2019 Bikes Beer Taco's 'n Wine "Thunder"Fest
Bikes Beer Taco's 'n Wine