Tasting (walk around) Events

This is a list of events tagged as "Tasting (walk around)" in Pittsburgh-Southwest PA, Pennsylvania.

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Date Event City
Aug, 18 2018 August Sunday Sip    MONONGAHELA
Aug, 23 2018 Glitter Wine Release Party & Glitter Painting Event    Charleroi
Aug, 23 2018 Wine and Beer Cruise- French Accent!    Pittsburgh
Aug, 30 2018 All That Glitters - Glitter Wine Release Party    Washington
Sep, 15 2018 The Beaver Wine Festival    Beaver
Sep, 20 2018 Washington Homebrew Club - Candy Beer Competition    Washington
Sep, 29 2018 Indiana's Wine Spirits Taco's 'n Food Truck Fest"acular”
Indiana's Wine Spirits Taco's 'n Food Truck Fest   
Sep, 29 2018 Home Winemaker Competition at the Washington Italian Festival    Washington
Oct, 13 2018 Johnstown's HalloWine & Spirits Fest"aPalooza"
Johnstown's HalloWine & Spirits Fest   
Oct, 18 2018 Washington Homebrew Club Informal Monthly Meeting    Washington
Oct, 20 2018 8th Annual Boo & Brew Bash    Pittsburgh
Nov, 17 2018 Altoona's Wine Spirits 'n Taco"Palooza"
Altoona's Wine Spirits 'n Taco   
Jan, 06 2019 Cranberry's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"
Cranberry's Wine 'n Spirits Fest   
Jan, 19 2019 Westmoreland's Wine 'n Spirits Fest"aPalooza"
Westmoreland's Wine 'n Spirits Fest   
Feb, 16 2019 Indiana's Taco's 'n Vino Food Fest"aPalooza”
Indiana's Taco's 'n Vino Food Fest   
Mar, 09 2019 Johnstown's Wine & Spirits Taco"Palooza"
Johnstown's Wine & Spirits Taco   
Mar, 23 2019 Pittsburgh's Wine 'n Spirits Taco"Palooza" Food Truck Fest
Pittsburgh's Wine 'n Spirits Taco