Date Event City
Jan 16    Exploring French Wines: Introduction to Burgundy    Boston
Jan 16    Middle Eastern Breads: Pita, Socca & More    Boston
Jan 17    Basic Italian Cooking: Pasta Sauces    Boston
Jan 17    Sous Vide, Blowtorches & More: Simple, Cutting-Edge Home Cooking    Boston
Jan 18    White Wines & Cheeses of France    Boston
Jan 20    Classic Desserts: Creme Brulee, Molten Lava Cake & Pavlova    Boston
Jan 21    Eggs, Eggs & More Eggs: Basics of Perfect Breakfasts, Brunches & More    Boston
Jan 22    The Perfect Roast Dinners    Boston
Jan 23    Pho vs. Ramen: Cooking from Hanoi to Tokyo    Boston
Jan 24    One Pan, Five Ingredients: Spontaneous Weeknight Dinners    Boston
Jan 24    Dinners on Demand: 3 Meals in 3 Hours    Boston
Jan 25    Art of Pasta Making (Evening)    Boston
Jan 25    Art of Pasta Making (Morning)    Boston
Jan 25    Soup & Stew Workshop: The Basics of Winter Warmers    Boston
Jan 25    America’s Greatest Cheeses & Craft Brews    Boston
Jan 26    Art of the Cocktail    Boston
Jan 26    Bordeaux vs Burgundy: France’s Greatest Wine?    Boston
Jan 28    The Ultimate Boozy Brunch    Boston
Jan 28    Creative Brunch Cocktails with Breakfast-y Bites    Boston
Jan 29    Julia Child: Great Dishes of the Greats    Boston
Jan 30    January Cleanse: Dishes to Reset the System    Boston
Jan 30    Inside Honey: The Bee’s Cheese    Boston
Jan 31    Under Pressure: Pressure Cooking    Boston
Jan 31    Simply Curries    Boston
Feb 01    Dumpling Workshop    Boston
Feb 01    Superbowl Party Food & Booze    Boston
Feb 02    Wine Showdown: France vs California    Boston
Feb 02    Thai Noodles    Boston
Feb 03    Cake Decorating Basics (2 session course)    Boston
Feb 05    Recipe-Free Zone: Cook Like a Chef!    Boston
Feb 05    Cider Tasting Intensive with Cheese: Comparing Apples to Apples    Boston
Feb 06    Scotch Tasting    Boston
Feb 06    Wonderful World of Mushrooms    Boston
Feb 06    French Bistro Cooking    Boston
Feb 07    Japanese Home Cooking: Beyond Sushi    Boston
Feb 07    Risottos    Boston
Feb 08    The Italian Alps: Italian Provincial Cooking    Boston
Feb 08    Drink Progressively: Pairing Wine & Food with The Urban Grape    Boston
Feb 09    Parmigiano Reggiano: Cooking with the King of Cheese    Boston
Feb 09    Understanding Wine Tasting: The Basics of Identifying & Describing Wines    Boston
Feb 10    Breakfast & Brunch Classics: Sweet and Savory    Boston
Feb 10    Live well, Be well    Boston
Feb 12    Chinese Hand-Pulled Noodles    Boston
Feb 13    European Wine 101: France, Italy & Spain    Boston
Feb 13    The Perfect Steak and Sides    Boston
Feb 13    Taco Tuesday: Mexican Street Food & Margaritas    Boston
Feb 14    Tipsy Truffle Making    Boston
Feb 14    Cooking (& Drinking!) for Couples    Boston
Feb 15    Hot in the Kitchen: Sautéing & Wok Basics    Boston
Feb 15    Battle Royale: Italian vs. French Cheese & Wine    Boston
Feb 15    Basic Cooking: Part 2 (3 session course)    Boston
Feb 20    Bowls of Awesome! Southeast Asian Cuisine    Boston
Feb 20    Regional Thai Specialties: Off the Menu    Boston
Feb 21    Singles Cooking: How to Cook for One    Boston
Feb 21    Cooking with Fragrance: Spices of Turkey & The Middle East    Boston
Feb 21    Rum Tasting with Caribbean Food    Boston
Feb 22    Comfort Food Classics (Evening)    Boston
Feb 22    Wine, Cheese & Charcuterie    Boston
Feb 22    Comfort Food Classics (Daytime)    Boston
Feb 23    Staff Meals: The Restaurant Industry’s Insider Dishes    Boston
Feb 23    Cooking Through Southern Spain    Boston
Feb 24    Gluten-Free Baking Basics    Boston
Feb 24    Breakfast in Bread: English Muffins, Morning Buns & More    Boston
Feb 26    Korean Cuisine    Boston
Feb 27    Mughalai Cuisine of India    Boston
Feb 27    Knife Skills Bootcamp    Boston
Feb 28    African Cooking: Ethiopia & Beyond    Boston
Mar 01    Ancient Grains & Beans: Farro, Quinoa & More    Boston
Mar 02    Drinking the Jazz Age: Speakeasy Cocktails    Boston
Mar 02    Fun Wine Friday: Off the Beaten Path    Boston
Mar 02    Jambalaya, Gumbo and Etouffee: New Orleans Classics    Boston
Mar 03    Classic French Pastry    Boston
Mar 03    Cheese Making Workshop    Boston
Mar 08    Chew On This: Fairytale Fare - A Fundraiser    Boston