12 Day Wine & Culinary Tour to Croatia and Slovenia, Autumn 2017

October 25, 2017 (Wed)
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

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Cost: $3850

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Savor The Experience Tours

The Harvest Tour - a boutique wine and food experience to Croatia and Slovenia 

October 25 to November 6, 2017

Cost: Prices start at $3,850 per person for 12-night trip (ground only)

Slovenia and Croatia are soon becoming must-visit destinations for foodies, slow food enthusiasts and wine lovers alike. This tour is one of a kind opportunity to sit down and talk with the generous and hospitable owners, wine makers and small-scale local producers in their cellars, houses, restaurants, shops and mills. It’s a special invitation into peoples’ place of work & passion that focuses on the history, wine making traditions and culinary magic of these countries all while getting fed amazing meals, wines and other delicacies.

Our exlcusive tours have a maximum size of only 8 guests, which means there are no buses to board or umbrellas to follow. This specially designed tour features a variety of home-cooked dinners, special multi-course meals and personalized tastings menus at private residencies, farms and wineries as well as some of these countries’ finest restaurants. Take a stroll in beautiful wine regions, explore hill towns and Venetian coastal cities and enjoy nearly a dozen wine tastings plus an array of other tastings including honey, olive oil, jams, fruits and truffles. Relaxing in beautiful spots tasting wonderful food and drink while talking, laughing and enjoying time with the person that made it. It's one of life’s great pleasures and we’ve made it a daily staple on our Harvest Tour.

What makes this trip an experience to savor? 

  • Meet and drink with the wine makers themselves in their cellars, vineyards and homes
  • Indulge in delicious, seasonal, local and organic culinary creations
  • Hunt for truffles in forests nestled under ancient hill towns
  • Tuck into gourmet goat cheeses, olive oils and home made pastas in Croatia’s gourmet region of Istria
  • Soak in culinary and wine making traditions and stories from local producers
  • Explore many beautiful and chamring off-the-beaten-path destinations and have them all to yourself!
  • Discover the charms, friendly locals and scrumptious flavors of Slovenia and Croatia

Hope to see you in our little slice of paradise!

Andrew Villone, owner Savor The Experience Tours