Authentic Cuba!

October 22, 2017 (Sun)


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A cultural adventure like no other!

22-31 OCTOBER 2017  

10 days/9 nights

Join Worldchefs Intl. LLC on a Tailor Made Travel Adventure!

 An exclusive tour to the mystical and sun drenched Caribbean island of Cuba.  

Go back in time and discover its culture, architecture, rich history with nine Unesco sites, old vintage cars, its warm people, rhapsodic music and its cuisine & rums.

You will be in elite & connoisseur company: *International Chef, Sommelier & Cookbook Author Suzanne Vandyck, *Cuba Specialist Liesbet Lemmens & our *Local Cuban Tour Guide


Price: $4,550.00 per person all inclusive

Based on Double Occupancy

Single Supplement: + $766.00 

Limited to only 10-15 people to enable quality travel.

*Airfare not included.

It is now or never! Cuba is changing overnight and you should travel soon before all the authenticity will fade by mass tourism. Suzanne and Liesbet fell in love with Cuba and have explored every inch of this intriguing island, so we know what it takes to create the perfect Cuban experience, just for you!  We stay away from mass tourism and give you an exclusive experience while staying in boutique hotels and taking you to the best that Cuba has to offer in collaboration with a local certified tour agency.

You are in great company, as we have an exclusive program for you where you get to immerse in its rich and diverse culture and history.  Marvel the green fauna and flora of Vinales and meet the artisan farmers and tobacco growers. Walk the historic streets of Old Havana as Hemingway did, and discover the bounty of museums for added insight. Delve into the colonial gems of Trinidad, and Cienfuegos.  Relax at the exclusive beaches in Varadero after a full program through Cuba. Personally meet  and interact with the locals, chefs and so much more!  And lastly, where else can you cruise around the streets with old colonial architecture in classic American cars? 

Suzanne Vandyck is an International Chef, Sommelier and Cookbook Author in the San Francisco Bay Area and conducts yearly culinary and cultural tours all over the world. Suzanne states that for her the excitement of seeing a place that’s been forbidden for more than five decades was a thill!  She was mesmerized  by experiencing  Cuba in the veritable time warp with vintage cars, and its architecture.  Daily she was transformed to its heyday of the 50s,  where glamorous Havana was the place to go, frequented by wealthy society, dazzling celebrities, and movie stars like Frank Sinatra, or Italian mobsters such as Lucky Luciano  gambling in the many casinos, or just simply the wealth and decadence of the riches that took place and is still so alive in its architectural buildings and remains. Beside all those unique experiences she bonded and connected with the people of Cuba to involve the locals in this upcoming tour to give us the best insight of everyday Cuba.

Liesbet Lemmens is a Cuba Specialist running her own Tour Agency in Europe entirely specialized in Cuba Travel. She is married to a Cuban and lived on the island for many years amongst the locals, conducting tours. She is  fluent in English and Cuban Spanish (yes, even de Cuban slang that only Cubans understand). Liesbet is a well seasoned tour guide and has been working all over Asia and Latin America, a true expert in her field.

Why Cuba? There’s an adventure around every corner in exotic Cuba. It’s history is stamped all over the island on murals and museums of Che Guevara and Castro present everywhere. The history of music in Cuba is the story of its people; from slavery, political upheaval, revolt and a joyful celebration of Cuban life. Music and Rum is key in Cuba  and you’re never too far away from a music bar, dancing, fabulous aged rums, and fine concocted cocktails, which are all part of the social-loving Cuban lifestyle. Old towns like Trinidad and Cienfuegos have been made UNESCO world heritage sites to protect their beauty. Cuba has more than just old buildings and rum; there are natural wonders like Vinales, the green heart of Cuba, as well as stunning beaches. Savor exotic island fruits, its peasant kitchen and the new and upcoming innovative cuisines,  or relish with us the authentic street foods where only the locals eat, as we know where they are.After cruising this fascinating Caribbean island, relax the last days by the sea with a fresh mint and rum crushed mojito in an all inclusive hotel. We made this trip so distinctive with our special touches such as a cooking class with our comrade Chef Ramon at his home in Havana, where you will  get the chance to participate in a cooking class, smoke a cigar and do some rum tasting.  To top it off, chef Suzanne’s collaborates with a famous local restaurateur in Trinidad, where she will be surprising you with her take on local ingredients in a dish at the restaurant. We keep it special for you by visiting a celebrity Michelin star chef at his bakery and listen to his passionate bread making mission, while tasting his creations. We have so much in petto for you on this trip that this will be a memory of a life time. We will do it all!  Wecustomized this trip entirely to our mission: “Authentic Cuba.”  We pledge to offer you rare and unique insights into the history, culture and the cuisine of Cuba through exclusive local people interactions, while traveling with an intimate group “Worldchefs’ style”, where long-lasting friendships are made to last.

  • Important: Due to the recent developments and advances with the USA and Cuban governments, there is very high demand and more limited hotel availability than previous years. Prices are drastically increasing. We advise all clients to book as far in advance as possible, so we can try and secure the hotels for you. 

A 30% deposit is due before 4/01/17. 

Space is very limited and filling up fast. Email or call Suzanne at 408-247 7351. Interested Participants will be invited to the a info evening with wine and nibbles. Travelers receive a valuable customized travel package with tips and notes from Suzanne when booking. Our entire itinerary will be sent out privately. Customers out of State or from different countries can join and book with us and meet directly in Havana.

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