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British Beer Tasting - A Liquid Study of our National Drink

September 21, 2012 (Fri) from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Wine Cellars, Fulham

71 Townmead Road
London, London SW6 2ST
Phone: 020 8144 2444
Cost: £25

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British Beer Tasting (with food matching): A liquid study of our national drink from 2500BC to now

In this exciting tasting you will discover British Beer in a fun and informative way including a short history of the national drink, the ingredients from hops to yeast, the process, the diversity of styles, the traditions and the current state and direction of the industry. The main emphasis will be on tasting 7-8 fantastic British Beers of different styles and great character, including tasting and serving tips and good food matches.

We launched our Beer Tastings in July 2011 with the Beer Academy expert Rupert Ponsonby therefore our tastings are informative, diverse and fantastic fun and led by our resident beer expert Quentin Sadler.

Beer Styles on Tasting:

A Heather Ale (2500 BC)
A Honey Beer (2000 BC)
An Old Ale: (Triple) (1600 AD)
A Porter style (1720 AD)
An India Pale Ale (IPA) (1820 AD)
A Lager/Pilsner (1860 AD)
An Oak Aged Ale (2003 AD)
A very modern funky Amber Ale (2007 AD)
Our previous beer tasting list; Fraoch, Fullers Honeydew, Badger Golden Glory, Jaipur, Brewdog 5am Saint, Innis & Gunn, Brakspear Triple & Moor Amoor Porter.

Beers will be matched with a selection of nibbles, cheeses, bites and canapes. 

"If you think you don't like beer, give one of these tastings a go - there really is a beer for everyone" (Stephen Worgan, Beer Tasting July 2011)

A fun and informative tasting to kick off your weekend!

Posted By: Jimmy Smith

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