Wine and Wine Regions of South America

May 20, 2012 (Sun)
12:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Richland Council 3307 Knights of Columbus Hall
2500 Chester Road
Richland, washington 99352

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Cost: $35.00

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The Knights of Columbus of Richland Council 3307 and Holy Spirit Council 10653 cordially invite you to join us for a series of e Wine Appreciation Seminars for 2012.  Perspective dates and topics for planned seminars in the series are as follows:

March 3, 2012             “Wine 101 – Wine Knowledge for the Beginner and Beyond       

April 15, 2012             “Wine and Wine Regions East of the Cascades in

                                     Washington, Oregon, and Idaho”

May 20, 2012              “Wine and Wine Regions of South


June 9, 2012               “Wine and Wine Regions in Western Oregon,

                                      Washington, and British Columbia” 

*   Specific dates and time will be established about 1 month before each of these seminars.

These seminars will be conducted by, Angelo Tavernaro.  Mr. Tavernaro is a Master Sommelier and a Certified Wine Educator and a brother Knight at Holy Spirit Council 10653.   A brief description of Angelo’s past accomplishments and experience are provided at

Each seminar in the series will consist of 3 to 3 ½ hours of wine education on Saturday afternoons starting at noon.  At each seminar, you will be tasting 4 wines from different regions of the world and will be given handouts pertaining to each subject matter.  Cheese, crackers, and/or fruit will also be included as appropriate for wines being tasted.   We welcome anyone interested in learning more about wine and food.  

Proceeds for these seminars will go to Pro-Life causes supported by the Richland and Holy Spirit Councils.

For more information on the wine seminar series, please visit:

Come join Angelo on Saturday May 20th for interesting tour of wine regions in the Chile, Argentina, and other areas of South America.

These regions in South America have, in many ways, a lot in common with wine regions of Eastern Washington and Oregon landscape.  For starters, there are the Andes which like the Cascade provide a rain shadow to the dry side of Chile, Argentina, and other regions in South America. The desert landscape of Mendoza on the other side of the Andes is similar to the dry regions of Eastern Washington and Oregon.  The flow of water from the Andes is used to irrigate vineyards in Mendoza.

The most important similarity is though the soils that exist in these regions allow for the planting vines on their own roots, in the same way as we can plant vines in the Pacific Northwest on their own roots although for a different reason. 

 The European vines(Vitis Vinifera) arrived in Chile prior to the Phylloxera infestation in Europe by the american vines.  We have the effects of the Lake Missoula floods that brought us the sandy loam that does not allow the Phylloxera to survive in such a soil. 

Also a certain vine from Bordeaux was decimated and never replanted in Bordeaux , but did thrive in Chile.  It was always thought to be a Merlot, but the Ampelographer (The geologist of the vines) discovered that it was, in fact, a Bordeaux varietal and produced much better grapes in Chile because of the terroir.