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Time For W.I.N.E.
Perhaps you've heard that the annual Wine International Naming Exposition (W.I.N.E.) opens this week (April 1). This year, the judges -- from 47 countries -- will evaluate potential names for an experimental wine made from grape jelly. Yes, it sounds weird to me, too.

For the first time, W.I.N.E. will consider names submitted by the public. I've already turned in my suggestion (Jammin' Juice), but if you think you can come up with a better name, submit your entry here.

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Wine Quiz Question
True or False: the term "recioto" may be derived from the Veneto term for "ears?"
A. True
B. False
* Answer is at the bottom of this email.
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Apr 05
The Art of Life presented by Festival del Sole and The Hess
Napa |
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Champagne storage and chilling
Can champagne quality be effected by moving it from refrigerated cooler storage to basement rack storage.....what are the do's and don'ts of handling champagne storage? Thank you for your assistance.

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After eight days of nonstop rain and with so much of the Atlanta area flooded, I wondered what the storms have meant for North Georgia's wineries. For a front line report I checked in with three winery owners: Craig Kritzer, David Harris and Mary Ann Hardman.Craig Kritzer, Frogtown Cellars in Dahlonga"Frogtown is harvesting, as I respond to you," reported Kritzer at 6:30 p.m. on September 21. "We were fortunate to have harvested over 70 percent of our fruit before the last seven days of rain." In fact, the day before the rains started, Frogtown Cellars had harvested 30 tons of fruit that was then processed over the next two days. "We could not harvest more because we were out of harvest bins," explained Kritzer."As a result of our decision to take fruit earlier than we have in the past," he said, "I would say the weather will have an impact, but not anywhere like 2007." (That year, temperatures dropped to the low 20s for three Spring days and killed over 80 percent of...

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Wine Quiz Answer
A. True

In the past, winegrowers in the Veneto would try to increase sugar content in grape bunches by cutting away the lower portion of the bunches, leaving only the "ears," called "recie" in the Veneto dialect. The term recioto may be derived from this practice. An increase in maturity of the grapes between the "ears" and the main body of the bunch (up to about 1 degree Baume) has been measured in some cases.

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